TOP 10 Best 4K Security Camera System Reviews in September 2021


Best 4K Security Camera System Reviews : Alert, Alert! You’ve found the one stop to get your best 4K security camera system. It seems like you have been looking diligently to find that one camera system that can fulfill your requirements from the list. What list, you ask? Well, if you’re looking for an adamant security system, you need to have a list! Don’t know what the list should be? Don’t worry! We got you covered, scroll down to see the things to consider before buying a security camera system.

Already got the list? Well, good for you, we are bringing you a collection full of 4K security camera system. These are feasible, robust, and full of features. But before we dig into the details, you should still consider the following aspects. In case you forgot anything, these are the points to consider.


#1 Best 4K Security Camera System Reviews 2021

#1 Reolink 4K Ultra HD PoE Security Camera System


Reolink is another 4K security camera system you can integrate into your house. The most remarkable aspect of the system is the real ultra 4K video with 3820×2160 resolution. It delivers crisp quality images and fantastic zooming capabilities to track every detail. The system comes with a standard 100ft night vision incorporation, and 18 pieces of IR LED in each camera.

Its convenient notification is available for E-mail and apps alike. The motion detector sensors can be changed according to requirement and open with a variety of options. It is a fantastic choice for beginners and DIY users. Single network cable, which extends up to 330 feet, can connect with all the cameras available.

However, it only comes with four cameras and requires extra investment for more. The system comes with 2TB Hard disk, which can expand up to 4TB internal. It also has 4TB of external storage options for a total of 8 TB storage space. The Reolink App allows any device to directly access cameras individually.

With the app, you can connect to each channel for a magnified view. The system comes with two years of warranty and 30 days of the promise of money back from the company. ReoLink Security Camera Brand follows IP66 weatherproofing protocols, which makes it decent for most of the weather conditions.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • DIY-friendly
  • Customizable motion detectors
  • IP66 weatherproofing
  • Mobile Application
  • Expandable up to 8TB
  • Requires internal and external for expansion

#2 ANNKE 4K Ultra HD PoE Home Security Camera System with NVR


Talking about cheaper systems, the Annke 4K POE Home security system falls right in the list. Compared to the standard 8MP, it comes with 5MP Security Camera System for Indoor Use. However, they deliver 4K Quality with 2560×1920 resolution. What makes it suitable is the 120db true WDR. It ensures that the light and color is amplified for desirable output, thus, putting them on par with 8MP Camera quality.

Many cameras can have an HD display, but it is useless if they can’t provide distinct colors and vibrancy. The cameras also have a standard range of 100ft (30 meters) For night vision. Motion detection is comfortable and adjustable. You can also set alerts and motion according to requirements.

It is a DIY-friendly system with no requirement of separate power supplies. Connect the cables of cameras with the NVR directly, do not need a power adapter. The same goes for the ethernet support cables. The compatibility is also witnessed in the app, as it supports all standard devices and provides E-mail notification.

However, the system only comes with four cameras but has eight channels. So, you can buy extra cameras as the NVR supports third party cameras. The weatherproofing is capable of withstanding high temperature regions and water exposure of more than 30 minutes. Enforcing its quality is two years of extended warranty with 90 days money back guarantee.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • 120Db true WDR
  • DIY-Friendly
  • Third party camera installation
  • Eight channels
  • 5MP Camera
  • The lower end of 4K HD

#3 Night Owl 4K CCTV Video Home Security Camera System


The distinctive dual-sensor feature of Night Owl’s security system makes it stand out from the list. It is capable of detecting heat and motions separately for accurate readings. The sensors also reduce the chances of false alarms by up to 90%. Thus, you will only receive critical alerts and notification for comfortable security.

The cameras are standard 8MP With 4K HD recording options and 100ft of night vision views. However, they have an extra depth of 80 degrees wide angles. The 80 degrees broad view also comes with an L2 color boost. It ensures crisp colors and perfect brightness according to the time of the day, making it suitable for night.

The system supports any HDMI compatible device. With the help of the app, one can connect with the broad spectrum of gadgets. It comes with two terabytes of storage, which is expandable. The company follows standard safety measures and a sturdy build for the cameras.

If you’re looking for a standard installation with a ‘little-extra’ like the dual sensors and wide angle, Night Owl Brand is perfect for you. It comes with four cameras but can hold up to eight cameras. Each camera will have an individual channel. It has a similar two years of warranty, like most of the models on the list.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Dual-Sensor for heat and motion
  • Up to 90% reduction of false alarm
  • L2 color boost
  • 80 degrees broad view
  • Only supports HDMI monitors
  • Comes with four cameras

#4 HornBill 4K PoE Security Camera System


Hornbill comes with an eight-channel NVR and four cameras, each one packing 8MP and 4K Display. The noteworthy feature of the system is the exceptional 153-degree wide-angle view. It might be the broadest available and comes with 100 ft of night vision range like others on the list. The system follows standard ip67 weatherproofing.

It ensures the survival of the system in extreme weather conditions like scorching heat, cold and intense rains. Ultra compressed file storage with 2TB Hard drive. Schedule the recording according to your flexibility whenever you like. However, the system is DIY-friendly with a single network cable.

The cable expands up to 330 ft and connects with multiple cameras. It does not require extra powers and provide remote access. Seamlessly capable of covering an entire house in single connectivity. Use your smartphones easily to light up the system. Furthermore, you can customize the motions zones, which provides precise detection and notification.

The company offers 60 days of money back guarantee with two years of the standard warranty. You may connect the extra four cameras other than the four that come with the system. Thus, boosting the potential of your security system. It comes at a decent price range.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • 153-degree view
  • DIY-Friendly
  • Ultra compressed storage
  • Customizable motion zones
  • Comes with Four Cameras
  • 2 TB Harddrive

#5 ZOSI 4K Ultra HD Security Cameras System


The Zosi 4K security camera system comes with H.265+ Technology for the DVR. It ensured 50% less data consumption and compressed video storage. Despite the compressed collection, the videos retain fantastic quality. It comes with standard 8MP cameras for 4K HD feed directly to the supporting devices, with color sensitivity.

The color sensitivity feature is possible due to CMOS instigation. It ensures we get the best picture quality with elegant colors in realtime. With PIR LED Sensors, it grants a 50ft range of night vision. The system is full of features with a 4.0mm lens system that allows 100 degrees of landscape view. CMOS only ensures that quality is not compromised.

ZOSI Security Camera System comes with 2 TB of storage, which can expand up to 6TB with single SATA Support. However, it only supports four channels; thus, it only comes with four cameras. But to make up for it, the company has an app to support multiple devices. Additionally, it has fully customizable motion rage and notification options for the smooth operation.

It performs seamlessly with a proper ethernet connection. The durability is adamant with vandal-proof Made by ZOSI Security Camera and aluminum body for outdoor protection. The company is confident in its product with two years of warranty and sixty days of money back guarantee.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • H.265+ Technology
  • 4K HD CMOS
  • 100-degree wide-angle
  • Vandal-proof
  • Only 50ft of night vision range
  • Expandable up to 6TB

#6 Amcrest 4K 8CH Security Camera System with DVR


Amcrest is bringing you a highly affordable camera system. The eight-channel security camera with DVR is almost half the rate of other standard systems of their category. You can also buy different parts separately and increase the level of your security gradually. It is a good option for those who don’t have a massive sum of money to invest in safety from the get-go.

The system comes with the usual 8 MP Cameras for 4K High definition video display. They offer 100ft of night vision range with 12 IR LEDs in each camera. Extra 87 degrees of view in each camera is undoubtedly commendable. The motion sensitivity and scale can be manually customized for notification.

For viewing compatibility, it comes with various software for a versatile system platform. Easily connect via smartphones, mac, laptop, and other devices. There are browsers the system is compatible with like Firefox, Chrome, Sea Monkey, and so on. The videos are uncompressed and without any latency for smooth playback.

It stores video without compressing them for impeccable quality in the 2TB hard drive, which is expandable up to 10 TB.  As the videos are uncompressed, you can add the option to overwrite the older videos. It saves the time spent on deleting and maintaining the collection. If you want to keep the records, connect external USB port, and automatically backup videos in it.

The IP67 Weatherproofing makes the system perfect for outdoor and indoor installation. Easy to connect with the standard measures like HTTPS/SSL, CE, and FCC Certification and UL compliant power ports. It is undoubtedly one of the flexible security camera systems available in the market with one year of warranty.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Economical pricing
  • Separate parts available separately
  • Expandable up to 10 TB
  • 87-degrees angle
  • Comes with 2TB Storage
  • Only 12 LEDs for night vision

#7 LaView 16 Channel 4K Home Security System


Enhance the security of your settlement to the peak with LaView 16 channel 4K Home Security System. It delivers 4K HD quality pictures with 3840×2160 of resolution. The video quality offers details with high zooming capacity. Don’t miss any moment and record everything with eight cameras that come with the set.

For ideal storage, the pack comes with two 2TB hard disks while the system is expandable up to 6TB with 2 SATA Cables. It ensures fast and lag-free recording for live feeds. Store the recording with 8MP of exceptional camera lens quality. If it is night time, they will work just fine. The cameras come with the capability to record 100ft away in the darkness with 79 degrees of broad-angle view.

Prevent tampering with the cameras as their motion detectors will alarm you if someone approaches them. Be up to date and surveillance your place with the mobile app. LaView Connect app is compatible with the security system, which produces live feed directly to your mobile devices. Hence, you can monitor your house while you are away.

It is easy to install with simple plug and play instructions. The 16 channel POE NVR ensures you get all the view clearly and leaves an option to connect additional cameras. With 100ft long cables for the cameras, get uninterruptible feed. Complimenting the exceptional performance is the two years warranty of the system. Though, with the outdoor weatherproofing, you might not need the warranty.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • 3840×2160 resolution
  • 16 channels
  • 79-degree wide-angle
  • Multiple compatibilities
  • Comes with 2TB Storage
  • 2 SATA for only 6TB expansion

#8 SAFEVANT Home Security Camera System


If you’re looking for a 4K security camera system full of convenient features, SAFEVANT is the cheapest system on the list. With 5MP of cameras, it offers 4K HD quality. The night vision is decent with 65ft (20m) range at a price. It comes with the IP66 safety protocols, so it is a sturdy build.

The DVR comes with 1TB of hard drive space, but to make most of it, there is H.264+ Technology. Thus, it ensures compressed storage of the videos and seamless feed over the internet connection. You can enjoy the resolution of up to 2592×1920 without compromising the quality of the video. Furthermore, the hard drive is expandable up to 6 terabytes.

It comes with a separate power adapter for DVR and cameras. It offers four channels suitable for the four cameras. Full of features like motion detection, manual settings, and scheduling of recording. It provides 24/7 recording, like others on the list.

It also has color CMOS, so you’re getting a rather vibrant video recording. Two years of warranty and 60 days money back guarantee to make it the Best Security Camera for Money. There are an eight-camera and channel variation also available at a remarkable price.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Cheapest System
  • H.264+ Technology
  • Full of convenient features
  • CMOS color sensitivity
  • Only 1 TB Storage
  • Only 20m of Night Vision range

#9 GW 16 Channel 4K NVR 8 Megapixel H.265 Video PoE Security Camera System


The 16 channel NVR system comes with eight cameras to cover every possible corner of your place. If you want, you can add eight extra cameras as the system supports any H265 and 264+ compliance cameras. Thus, doubling your security and drastically reducing the risks. Each camera delivers promising 4K HD Display with 8MP build.

As the system comes with H265+ technology, it also reduces data consumption by 50% and increases speed. It works similarly for the storage. But a distinctive feature is that despite the reduction in data, it can deliver up to 12MB of a crisp display. It is remarkable since many systems are limited to 5 to 8 MB without the integration of data compression.

Like other GW cameras, it comes with Varofical lens. These ones come with 2.7 to 13.5mm adjustment for 120 to 20 degrees of angle adjustments. Exceptionally, it has storage of 4TB but supports two SATA. The support allows memory expandable up to 20 terabytes, most significant among the list.

It comes with all the latest technological supports like app and connectivity. Thus, it has 3.0 USB ports for mouse connection. The system is almost dominating with features as it delivers 200 feet of night vision range. That is double the range of any other available on the list, possibly due to 72 IR LEDs in each camera.

It is capable of offering 5x optical and 16x digital zoom without compromising the quality. The company also provides one year of warranty. The system comes with a standard weatherproofing medium. It has an app like others to connect with various devices.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Full of features
  • 16 channels
  • 200ft night vision
  • 12MB 4K HD feed
  • Manually adjust angle-view
  • Only one year warranty

#10 GW 8 Channel 4K 8MP IP PoE Security Camera System


GW 8 comes with standard 8MP Camera collection, which provides Ultra 4K videos of 3840×2160 resolution. The best part about the camera is the 2.8mm to 12mm varifocal lens, which allows one to adjust the viewing angle, manually. It can scale from 20 to 122 degrees for broad or focused view. Each camera has 30 SMD IR LEDs for up to 120ft apart clarity at night.

It is easy to install with plug and play options and ethernet cable connection. The NVR comes with 1 SATA support and 3TB of internal storage, which can expand up to 10TB. For optimal storage, it encompasses H.265+ Tech, which consumes 80% less data. Get smooth streaming over the internet and compressed videos for storage without compromising the quality.

If you require additional storage, it can connect with the cloud storage system. The one-click update option will keep your system up to date. You can easily record with manual or schedule timing leisures. The alarm triggers will notify you if there is any concern.

For further convenience, it comes with an app that works on any platform. Smartphone, Mac, or iOS, get live feed directly to your remote device. With standard safety protocols and weatherproofing, the system comes with a warranty of 2 years.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Varifocal Lens
  • H.265+ Tech
  • Expandable up to 10 TB
  • 120 ft range at night
  • Single SATA Support
  • Wide Angles require manual settings

#2 Things to Consider Before Buying Best 4K Security Camera System

Before we provide you Best 4K Security Camera System Review, you need to understand. The world is rapidly evolving. With good, come evil. While we are improving the judicial system, security, and everything, Criminals are consistently learning new methods.

They are employing various methodologies to break in. Crime has become unpredictable. It can take place anywhere. Even the safest of locations have chances of corruption. Installing security systems and cameras is not enough; it is vital to get the best, rigid system for our house or office. The following points should help you get a reliable security camera system.

  • Security Features: First and foremost, it is essential to learn about the features a system has to offer. While they quality display video, they should be able to work at night. Motion detection is one of the better ways for security alerts. If the cameras can provide a new range in viewing angles, it is preferable. The number of IR LEDs in a camera plays a vital role in determining night vision clarity.
  • Maintenance and DIY: None of us are naturally professional in the installation. The process of system installation can require precision. Companies offer ease of DIY (Do it yourself) with many security camera systems, try to get one of these. They will be easier to maintain and install. If you ever face any problem, you’d be able to diagnose it yourself. We can’t always rely on the service executives to come to our rescue. Sometimes, they might not be available. To prevent the compromise of the security system, they must be more comfortable to maintain and DIY.
  • Compatibility: There are NVR and DVR that come with the security system. Either way, they should be compatible with the cameras and connections. Modern technology requires high speed internet, and an Ethernet connection becomes paramount for lag-less performance. Many companies offer applications for flexibility of connectivity with mobile and other devices. The compatibility allows one to access their cameras from any remote location and keep surveillance over their property. Thus, it multiplies the security potential.
  • Robust Build: Considering the vandalism factor, cameras need to be durable. Criminals primarily target systems with hard strikes to break them. If the camera is sturdy and built with material like aluminum, it is harder to break them. In case someone removes them, at least they remain intact. But before anyone can get close to harming them, motion detectors should be able to warn you.
  • Storage: For recording purposes and to collect evidence, space is vital. If you have low storage space and run out of it during crucial moments, then no point in installing the system. With modern excellence, there are versatile storage options available in the market. Compression or overwrite options are some of the more preferable options.
  • Range and Quality: Crip colors and HD Quality can make a difference. Cameras are not only great for security but also to record precious moments. Especially if you couldn’t access a personal camera. Regardless, to have clarity in the video, 4K quality cameras are available. There should be an ideal range they can see to, especially in the night. If your cameras can’t work in long-range with high quality, they are as good as useless. Try to keep these factors in mind.

Now with the essential bullet points dealt with, we can focus on the actual list. Without further ado, we are presenting you.

#3 Conclusion

Regardless of your requirements, these cameras will cover all the critical aspects of security. Full of features and affordable pricing, the variety is available for the masses. Whether you’d like to steadily increase your security potential, or buy a complete system from the start, the list should be perfect. Keep the essential points in mind and share the Best 4K Security Camera System Review to anyone who might need it. You might also want to check out YI’S 4K Action Camera for something extra. You can also find out more about 4K Resolution on Wikipedia.


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