TOP 10 Best ANNKE Security Camera System Reviews September 2021


TOP 10 Best ANNKE Security Camera System Review September 2021 : There are various reasons as to why one should go for a security system installation in the house. With the world growing day by day, there are more chances of having thefts and dangerous incidents. With a security system in the house, you can remain assured that the house is safe up to some extent.

Have a look at the ANNKE Security camera reviews, which have been sought after to offer you the best security systems from ANNKE. Before that, one should know the things which should be taken into account before getting a security system installed in the house.


#1 Things to consider before buying the best ANNKE security camera system.

There are many ANNKE security systems in the market which can confuse you with varied specifications and claims. Here is the best Security Camera Buying Guide, which you should take into account before going for a final security system, which would be the best for the house.

  • Installation: Make sure to know whether anyone in the house can do the installation of the security system or whether there would be the requirement of professional help. Most of the ANNKE security camera manual comes with the DIY or Do-It-Yourself methods, making it easier for the person to install the system by themselves rather than depending on the technician.
  • Wireless or wired: Before buying any security camera from ANNKE, make sure to set your priorities right. Whether you need a wireless camera system or a wired one, decide beforehand. The ANNKE security camera reviews can help you a lot in knowing both the pros and cons of a wireless and wired camera system.
  • Security features: The security features play a vital role in selecting a security system for the house. Whether the view angle is perfect or not, what is the recording time, how many days can the cameras record and many such questions be asked before finalizing a security camera system. There are various security camera systems that can even extend by adding more cameras, which is a plus point for the users. Before buying a security system, know the type of camera and DVR or NVR which it would be using. Make sure to check the night vision of the camera, as most of the cameras do not work correctly at night. The best ANNKE security camera system review intends to help you out in picking the best product.
  • Storage: Storage is an essential factor here. One needs to make sure that the storage capacity of the security system is more than enough to avoid any disturbances. Most of the storage system comes with a pre-installed hard disk, which can be extended. There is also a security system that does not provide any hard disk, which means that the user would have to buy a hard drive for storing the recordings.
  • Connections: While the wired camera system would not have any issues with the connections, the wireless security system can have various problems with the links. To make sure that the system has excellent links and won’t come up with any issues regarding this matter, make sure to check the links before buying. If you are going for online shopping, then connect the security system as soon as it arrives and check whether there is any problem or not. If a problem comes, then the company would send an engineer to fix the problem. ANNKE Security Camera Reviews will help you in choosing the best security camera for your home.
  • Reliable: A security camera which is not strong enough and breaks even with a slight windy condition, is of no use. Most of the companies sell security cameras made of cheap plastic, which do not last long. Before buying a security camera system, check whether the system is weatherproof or not. Go through each of the ANNKE Security Camera Reviews to make the best buy.

#2 Best ANNKE Security Camera System Reviews September 2021

So, here is the Best ANNKE Security camera system review for the best nine security camera system by ANNKE, which would help you in finalizing your security system. Each of the networks has some unique features, which can be an added benefit for you.

#1 ANNKE 8CH H.264+Security Camera System


The ANNKE 8CH H.264+ security camera system comes with a pack of four cameras, two 12V adaptors, a USB mouse, and even a 1TB Hard disk, for storage purposes. The camera sensor is of 2MP and comes under the wired camera system category. This camera system can work correctly without any internet connection. Though if you want to view the cameras when you are not at home, then you would be required to have an internet connection to the DVR.

Not only that, even the security system can be expanded to 4 more cameras, thanks to the eight-channel DVR. Apart from that, the video quality is 1080p, and the extra cameras can be of any variety. The cameras work quite fine even in the night.

The system even comes with features such as motion-triggered alerts, where the system would send you notifications and emails regarding any intruder entry along with pictures taken from the camera. If you are concerned about your privacy, then the system even has covered it up. There is a feature that allows the user to set the area where the camera should not record anything, thus ensuring that the person gets his/her security.  Not only that, multiple devices can even control the security system, thanks to the ANNKE Vision app, which can be downloaded in smartphones, laptops, and PCs.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Extendable hard disk
  • Can be extended to 8 cameras
  • Has an 82.2-degree angle coverage
  • Night vision is not very clear
  • Motion detection is not as good as expected.

#2 ANNKE 1080P Lite Wired Security Surveillance System


The ANNKE 1080p Lite is a set of 8 bullet camera which takes the responsibility of covering your entire house. Not only that, the security system has the feature of Live viewing, thus allowing you to view the live recording in any area of the house. If you need extra coverage, then the Lite wired system even has that facility. You can expand the security system by adding four more cameras of any quality.

The ANNKE 1080p Lite wired security system has a great night vision, which allows you even to see a clear view of a person roaming in the garden. It is easy to install, and you can control it even with your mobile phone. The H.264+ allows recording for 25 days, and the Hard disk can also be extended. The security system even comes with alarm settings, which means that you can set up an alarm as to when would you like to view the recordings, and the system would send you the notification of alarm through mail or through the app itself. A perfect security system for a farmhouse or a bungalow, as it can cover the whole property without any problem.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Weatherproof cameras
  • Excellent video quality
  • Can record up to 25 days
  • Live viewing feature
  • Very light in weight
  • Can break easily

#3 ANNKE 1080P Home Security Camera System


If you are looking for an affordable home security system, then the ANNKE home security camera system would be the best option for you. The home security system comes with eight cameras of 2MP quality, which can be easily installed. For better storage capacity, the company is providing a 1TB hard disk, which is pre-installed and can be extended up to 6TB. Apart from that, you can view two cameras at a time, and for extra security, you have the option of adding four more cameras. Being a wired home security system, it can work without an internet connection.

There are some other features as well, which makes this home security system one of the best choices. The security system ensures that there are no false alerts, say, if a cat jumps on the roof, the security system won’t give you an alarm for that. The cameras have an 82.2-degree view angle with covering up to 100 feet. These cameras are also weatherproof, and you can even use them outside the house. Though the wired system means many cables, ANNKE makes sure that the length is neither too long nor too short to prevent the knotting of the wires.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • No false alarms
  • Can cover up to 100 feet
  • Can use both indoors and outdoors
  • Installing the disc is difficult
  • Does not have a long life span

#4 ANNKE 8CH 3MP Surveillance Camera System with DVR


The ANNKE 8CH 3MP surveillance camera system comes with an eight-channel DVR and four starlight cameras. The starlight camera delivers high quality videos and pictures. The H.264+ allows you to not only record for a long time but even manages the storage capacity without any changes in the video or picture quality. You can also connect the DVR with older cameras, thus allowing more cameras to the security system.

The surveillance system is easy to install and operate operate and is much better than the Security Camera Made by Reolinks. It is weatherproof and can even record during night time with the clear video quality. The advantage of wired networks is that you don’t have to worry about connecting it to the internet, thus saving you from internet charges. The cameras available in this system gives 1080p quality videos and pictures. You can even add four more cameras to the system, also if the cameras are old.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Delivers high quality videos and images
  • Has good motion detection feature
  • Allows to add old cameras in the system
  • Difficult to operate the DVR with USB mouse
  • Working from multiple devices is difficult

#5 ANNKE 5MP Ultra HD 4K Home Security Camera System


This set of the home security system by ANNKE comes with a set of four 5MP cameras, a 2TB hard disk, two power adapters, and other things that are required for the installation of the cameras. These cameras deliver the videos of 4K quality, thus ensuring a clear cut view of the areas. Not only that, this home security camera system has the feature of recording the night vision in either black and white or in colorful mode.

Apart from that, the home security system has H.265+ video compression, which means that the cameras can record for a hundred days without any breakdown and would even take up less space than H.264+. Another added feature of XVIM 720P Outdoor Home Security Camera System is that it can be used efficiently for both outdoor and indoor recording. It also has a Wide Dynamic Range feature, which is switched on, would record the videos with more clarity. Apart from that, it is quite easy to install, and it even covers a view angle of 85 degrees. Each camera has two infrared LEDs, and one can also add more cameras to the system.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Great video quality
  • More efficient than H.264+
  • Two modes of recording at night time
  • Cannot edit the videos recorded
  • DVR was not beta tested, which can lead to problems.

#6 ANNKE 4CH Security Camera System with DVR


This security system by ANKKE is made only for real-time footage. You cannot record anything with this security system. The reason being that the ANNKE 4CH Security camera system does not come with a hard disk is that it can only be used for real-time footage. You can install a hard drive if you want to record the footage.

Apart from that, this particular security system comes with four cameras of 2MP and two 12V adapters and is also weatherproof. The users can get a 1080p real time footage of the surroundings and can even add more cameras to the system for extra security. The ANNKE 4CH security system is not only cheap but is even convertible.

The security system has all the features that a basic security system by ANNKE should have. It would send you notifications in case of unexpected movements or intruders, has motion triggering feature, and can even be controlled by multiple devices. With so many features, you should definitely be keen on getting New 16 Channel Security Camera with DVR.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Is cheap
  • Has good video quality
  • Provides all the features of ANNKE security system
  • An extra hard disk can cost a lot
  • It can be used only for real time viewing

#7 ANNKE Wireless Camera system with NVR


The ANNKE Wireless camera system comes in a set of four cameras, an NVR, and other essential components. As it is a wireless system, you can easily install it and do not have to worry about cable connections. The camera quality is good, and there are some features of the system that would make you want to buy it.

Firstly, you can make one camera as a repeater, which means that the camera closest to the NVR can be used to maintain stability between the cameras, which is at a distance. Not only that, the wireless security system has a default recording time of 24*7 and even has the feature of back up. The picture and video quality are excellent, and even the night vision recording gives clear images. You can watch the recordings at any time and can also transfer the data to your smartphone or laptop through the USB port provided in the NVR.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Easy to install
  • No need for cable wires
  • One camera can act as a repeater for maintaining a connection between other cameras
  • Can have signal issues
  • Cannot be used for outdoor purposes

#8 ANNKE 5MP POE Security Camera System


The cameras in the ANNKE 5MP POE security system are the best amongst them all. There are various reasons for it. Firstly, the shape of the camera is not that of the previously said security cameras; it is quite oval in form. Secondly, it provides the best night vision as the cameras have starlight vision. Along with that, you can not only add extra cameras but can even connect it with third party cameras, thus ensuring more safety. This is one of the best available Outdoor Wireless Security Camera in 2021.

The security system ensures that you can even see the faces of the person and also license plate, thus guaranteeing high quality camera. The cameras which come along with the packet are of 8MP and can be used for both outdoor as well as indoor security. The night vision even has the option of recording the videos and pictures in color mode instead of black and white mode. As the video compression is H.265+, it is more efficient than those security systems with H.264+ video compression.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Has a wide viewing range
  • Can connect with third party cameras too
  • May give false alerts
  • Software is not so user friendly

#9 ANNKE 5MP POE Home Security Camera System


The ANNKE 5MP POE home security system comes with four cameras of 5MP camera quality. Along with that, it has an NVR, which ensures that the connection between the cameras is stable. Though you would have to make internet connections for most of the time, it is entirely worth it.

The security system can even be extended by connecting with third party cameras. The night vision comes in two modes and has a brilliant motion detection feature. Apart from that, these cameras are waterproof, thus stating that they can even be used for outdoor purposes. There is no need for wires and cables for the security cameras to remain connected. One of the cameras can also act as a repeater too.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Has brilliant camera quality
  • Is weatherproof and can work in any weather
  • Can even be used for outdoor purposes
  • The software can be a bit difficult to understand.
  • The repeater camera feature might not act properly

#3 Conclusion

After observing all the ANNKE security system, it can be said that the ANNKE Wireless security camera system would be an excellent choice for the users. There are three options for the wireless network, and they provide all the features that are required. The advantage of using a wireless system is that you won’t ever stumble upon a bunch of wires, and neither would have to search for that one connection to fix the issue. The wireless ANNKE Home security camera can be the right choice if you are looking for the best indoor and outdoor security systems.


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