10 Best Apartment Security Tips in September 2021


Security concerns have become a major concern in residential apartments. Burglaries and home invasions are some of the common issues the residents face nowadays. Hence, lack of security in an apartment can invite such issues.

So if you when to stay safe, here are a few apartment building safety tips that you should check both before and after moving into the property.

Best Apartment Security Tips

#1 Things to Check Before You Move in

a) Research Local Crime

It is true while selecting an apartment for rent, most of us look into the fact that the necessities and amenities are all nearby. But considering the safety factors, you should research the area’s crime rate.

Check different sites that give you an idea as to happening in the neighborhood considering the crime. You should also talk to the neighbors, police and the local people before you sign the final agreement.

b) Check the lighting

Some apartments and complexes have dark nooks and corners that make it easier for people to sneak around. Hence, it is very important for apartments to have good lighting in the common areas like parking areas, staircase, storage rooms, laundry room, hallways, waste management areas and mailrooms.

So, if you have made up your mind to take the apartment on rent, you should check it out at night for a better idea of the lighting. Also, look into it that there are Motion Sensor Lights that would add to your security.

c) Get to Know Your Neighbors

Knowing your neighbors well is really important before you finalize your apartment. They give you the actual scenario of what is going around you.

Try and mix with like-minded people with who you can easily strike up conversations. If you are not comfortable in face-to-face contact, you can also interact with them through social media platforms.

When you have a good relationship with your neighbors each of you then can keep an eye on any suspicious activity and warn others accordingly.

d) Get New Locks

When you move into a new rental apartment, it is always advised to change the lock. You never know if any of the previous tenants have duplicate keys and can get easy access to your apartment anytime.

Your apartment may already have a deadbolt, but you need to install new door locks like door reinforcement or chain locks to stay safe and secure.

e) Examine Window Locks

If according to you, doors are the first entry point for thieves and burglars, windows are the second. Check if the windows are sturdy, easy-to-use lock, especially if you are on the ground floor.

Make sure the windows are secure from the outside and fitted with Window Alarms. Also, see if the door locks are not close by the windows, then there is a risk that the intruders may smash the window to reach the lock.

f) Check Apartment Entrances

The first point of security in an apartment is the entrance. Check if the entrance has Intercom so that the guards can communicate with you before letting in any stranger.

Also, check if the entrance has a Home Security Camera that can help monitor who all are entering the premises and also alert the security personals that no intruder can get access inside the premises.

At your entrance door make sure you have installed any of the following peephole, chain lock, key codes, etc.

g) Check Emergency Exits

An ideal apartment is one that has an emergency exit so that get out in the case of any emergency. Look for posted fire escape plans. If you reside on the ground floor you should ensure that your windows open easily.

Check if there are any Smoke Detectors or carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure even if there are any fire escape ladders they are stored securely so that the burglars don’t have access.

#2 After You Move In

a) Get Renters Insurance

Even if you have taken all the safety precautions, remember unfortunate events may still take place. So it is always recommended that you opt for renters insurance.

A renter insurance policy normally covers personal properties like electronics, furniture, clothing, other possessions that may be damaged by a burglary or disaster. It also covers certain liabilities and medical costs if a visitor gets injured in your apartment.

This insurance can cost you around $20 a month, but it’s worth it as it protects your stuff and your bank account from any kind of unexpected loss.

b) Get a Security System

When you rent an apartment normally you are not allowed to drill holes, or else the cost of the damage caused is deducted from your security deposit.

Fortunately, there are several wireless security devices available today that use the adhesive that help you to fix the door and window sensors in place. You can use your smartphone for remote monitoring. A Wireless Doorbell is one such option you can give a try.

Many of the security systems that are designed for apartments come in the form of freestanding sirens that alerts you if there are any problems and also aids in scaring off the intruders. Also, if there is an apartment alarm system installed, you need to pay lower rates on your renters insurance.

c) Cover Your Windows

You may not be aware, but intruders normally do good research before deciding to a burglary in your house. Hence, try to cover your windows with blinds and curtains so that your belongings don’t catch the attention of the burglars.

Keep the windows shut when you are not at home and in the evening hours when it gets dark. Always angle closes the horizontal blinds so that people are not able to see through the small gap between slats when it is dark outside and the lights inside the house are on.

d) The Benefit of Keyless Locks

You may be under the idea that Keyless Door Locks are designed for the commercial sector but nowadays they are gaining huge popularity even amongst homeowners.

But do you know what exactly a keyless entry system is? Keyless means it grants you access to your property without the use of a traditional key. This means you don’t need to carry a physical key around with you, hence there are no chances of losing or misplacing it.

Neither are there any spare keys hence it strengthens the security. Most of the keyless entry systems give you constant updates about your property. You can even monitor who all are going in and out of doors remotely.

e) Get a Safe

Getting a safe makes sure that even if someone gets into your apartment he doesn’t get access to all your stuff. Investing in a tough home safe can act as a good deterrent not only for burglars but also for your less-trustworthy guests and house helps.

Having Safe in a Home allows you to store your jewelry, cash, firearms, important documents and other valuables. Discuss with your landlord if you can bolt it to a wall or floor as that offers maximum security.

f) Get a Door Security Bar

A door jammer acts as a great security device for apartment residents. These are normally easy to install and remove and cause zero damage to doors.

If there are sliding doors on your patio, you can opt for sliding door locks or get a jammer for your front door for extra protection.

#3 Conclusion

Renting an apartment can be really a challenge nowadays considering home security. Hence, renting an apartment in a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate can be a positive aspect.

Still, there are many other important apartment security tips that you can use before and after renting the apartment as mentioned above to protect yourself and your loved ones from any kind of threat.


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