TOP 10 Best First Alert Smoke Detectors Reviews September 2021


Best First Alert Smoke Detectors Reviews : Fire danger is one of the most common hazards that we face in modern times. The sad part is it is also responsible for several deaths every year. But, just like many other problems, modern technology has also come up with a solution to this issue.

The solution is the smoke detectors. Installing a smoke detector is probably the best way to avoid any fire outbreak. Most of these are extremely sensitive to even a small amount of smoke. Though there are many brands that you will come across, First Alert Smoke Detectors have predominantly captured the market.

This US-based brand is primarily focused on manufacturing fire safety equipment like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc. They have marked their presence in this field ever since 1958. Over the years they have come up with several innovative products and won the heart of most customers. It is a premium brand known for its quality products offered at a reasonable price.

In this article, we have listed some of the best smoke detectors brought to you by First Alert which should be in your potential buyer list.


#1 Best First Alert Smoke Detectors Reviews 2021

#1 First Alert BRK SC9120B Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector with Battery Backup

First-Alert-BRK-SC9120B-Hardwired-Smoke-and-Carbon-Monoxide-DetectorDid you know that most of our household appliances emit Carbon Monoxide (CO) when not in proper working condition which is very harmful to human beings? Worry not, now you can keep your loved ones safe with this 2-in-1 protection device by First Alert. This is one of the most popular First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detectors that also detects smoke and has a huge number of customer reviews.

This white colored round-shaped device features a combination of an electrochemical Carbon Monoxide sensing technology and an ionization sensor that together detects the fine particles of a burning fire. Though it is based on a hardwired system i.e. powered by electricity yet its battery backup system ensures constant monitoring even at times of power failure. On detecting any danger both its indicator lights start glowing and the 85-decibel siren gives a loud warning.

The device can connect to the other compatible First Alert detectors and ensures that all the alarms start making sound together. The average life of the battery is 8760 hours with 10 years backup. You can easily install it with the help of the universal mounting brackets and tamper-resistant locking brackets.

This easy to use safety device is thoroughly tested to meet the UL standards. The single test or silence button makes it simple to use. The product comes with a 7-year-long limited warranty.

#2 First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Wireless Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Battery Operated

First-Alert-2-in-1-Z-Wave-Wireless-Smoke-Detector-Carbon-Monoxide-AlarmDid you know that even when you are out of your home this Iris compatible Integrated wireless alarm system can send you mobile alerts and emails in case of any fire danger. This white colored octagonal-shaped First Alert’s Nuisance Free Technology is a perfect combination of the smoke and CO sensor together which reduces the number of false alarms caused due to cooking and steam caused by the shower.

It is one of those dual sensor smoke detectors that feature photoelectric smoke-sensing technology and electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor together which can detect larger smoke particles produced by blazing fires. Its 2-in-1 Z-Wave wireless feature of this battery-operated smoke and CO detector can easily connect with other Z-Wave compatible alarms and a Z-Wave hub. Its pin locks make it easy to mount the device on the bracket. It is certified to be used with Z-Wave or Nexia Home Intelligence systems.

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#3 First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm | Battery Operated, SCO5CN

First-Alert-Smoke-Detector-and-Carbon-Monoxide-Detector-Alarm-SCO5CNAvoid any kind of fire hazard with this dual-smoke detector device by First Alert. This battery-operated device can sense both smoke and CO with the help of its photoelectric sensor and electrochemical Carbon Monoxide sensing technology respectively.

The light indicator along with the loud alert sound works as the warning signal in case of any emergency. The unit can be easily installed and its EZ access battery drawer lets you change the battery without removing the alarm from the ceiling. The product is tested to meet the UL standards and it comes with a 7-year limited warranty.

#4 First Alert Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector with Voice and Location, Battery Operated, SCO7CN

First-Alert-Combination-Smoke-and-Carbon-Monoxide-Detector-SCO7CNDo you and your kids have a habit of ignoring unnatural sound?  Studies show, that children are seen to respond faster to any voice alert in case of danger rather than any beeping sound. Hence, First Alert has introduced this new concept of voice and location alert that not only make the residents aware of the CO or smoke danger but also guides them the location of the room where it has been detected so that you can plan your best escape route.

This octagonal-shaped white smoke detector comes in the latest sleek design so that it can match with the smart interior of your house. This talking device can be pre-programmed about 11 locations in your home which can be under fire threat. This battery-operated product has separate light indicators for smoke and CO and a loud and clear alarm.

Not only can this be easily installed with the help of the manual of First Alert provided in the box, but its EZ access battery drawer lets you change the batteries without removing the alarm from the ceiling. The product comes with a 7-year limited warranty at the end of which life signal chirps intimating you that it is high time to replace the unit.

But in the meantime, the single test or silence button lets you test your device regularly. This First Alert product comes with a 10-years limited warranty that gives it ultimate protection. First Alert is Prime Competitor of Best Nest Smoke Detectors.

#5 First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm | Hardwired with Battery Backup, BRK SC7010B

First-Alert-Smoke-Detector-and-Carbon-Monoxide-Detector-Alarm-BRK-SC7010BAre you in search of a smoke detector for high humidity areas? Then you should drop the idea as smoke detectors do not work in places where there is high humidity as these density moisture particles present in the air have a tendency to trigger the alarm. Most smoke detectors can’t make out the difference between light smoke particles and heavy moisture content. This octagonal-shaped 120-volt hardwired cum battery operated device is ideal for dry climates.

Its advanced electrochemical sensor detects any kind of leaks in CO from multiple faulty appliances and chimneys. Its Optipath 360 technology ensures it has 360-degree access in detecting smoke present in every corner of the room. Its loud spread-spectrum alarm reaches the ears of even those people who suffer from hearing issues in case if any danger.

In case of any false alarm, the silence button makes it easy to mute the button. It comes with a low battery latch to indicate the battery is low and needs to be replaced. Being rigorously tested you can trust its 7-year limited warranty but look for the end-of-life signal chirp to know when it needs to be replaced. Its average battery life of 4320 hours along with the other excellent features justified its high customer review of over 2496. You can also check the reviews of Best Kidde Smoke Detectors.

#6 First Alert Smoke Detector Alarm | Battery Powered with Wireless Interconnect | 2-Pack, SA511CN2-3ST

First-Alert-Smoke-Detector-Alarm-SA511CN2-3STIf you have a two-storied house then this set of two hardwired white octagonal-shaped smoke detector is the right pick for you. You can install each of these smoke detectors on each floor for ultimate safety. Its 11 programmable locations along with the 85-decibel siren sound alert help you decide the best way out of your home in case of any fire danger.

Being one of the best Wifi Smoke Detectors, the device can connect up to 18 First Alert enabled alarms to provide ultimate home protection from fire. Along with this it also features all the other traits of a regular smoke detector. The product comes with a 10-year warranty to ensure you the ultimate peace of mind.

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#7 First Alert Smoke Detector Alarm | Hardwired with Backup Battery, BRK9120b6CP

First-Alert-Smoke-Detector-Alarm-BRK9120b6CPStay super prepared to protect your family and belongings by installing this superlight elegant white colored round dome-shaped hardwired come battery-operated safety smoke detector from the house of First Alert. Being hardwired at the same time makes it of more superior quality than most exclusively battery operated smoke detectors. The combination of 120-volt AC power and 9V battery backup ensures that the device will keep functioning even at times of power failure.

The ionization sensor in the device on detecting smoke sets the alarm at an 85- decibel alarm. Since it can connect to 18 other compatible First Alert smoke detectors, make sure you place one on each level of your home for ultimate protection. It can also be connected with 4 other compatible devices like bells, repeaters, horns and door closers. It features a smart technology that reduces false alarms.

The gasket-less mount ensures a perfect alignment and easy installation, while the tamper-resistant locking pins keep the alarm secured in place. This model of smoke detector alarm is quality-engineered for years of maintenance-free service.

The device is manufactured abiding all the fire safety standards. The product comes with a limited warranty of 10-years while the average battery life is 8760 hours. The rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and a review of around 3686 customers in Amazon makes it one of the most sought after product. The best part is all these excellent features comes at a price of only $XX.XX.

#8 First Alert CO605 Plug-In Battery Backup CO Alarm, 1 pack, White

First-Alert-CO605-Plug-In-Battery-Backup-CO-AlarmNo other smoke detector can be more convenient to install than this easy-to-use plug-in smoke detector model by First Alert. This white colored smoke detector comes in a rectangular shape and fits into any standard outlet. Along with this plug-in facility, it also has a battery backup option to ensure continuous support.

It features an advanced electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor which can accurately detect the level of CO in a room which is emitted from most of our household appliances. The single button helps you test the alarm functions.

The product comes with a 7-year limited warranty and the end of life signal chirp warns you that it is time to replace the unit for safety. It meets the UL standards. If you check its feedback in the First Alert Smoke Detectors Reviews in Amazon rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 proves of its excellence.

#9 First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm with Built-In 10-Year Battery, BRK PRC710

First-Alert-Smoke-Detector-and-Carbon-Monoxide-Detector-Alarm-BRK-PRC710Promote better household safety with the First Alert detector beeping Carbon Monoxide smoke alarm. Its sleek and contemporary design that occupies only a fraction of the space on your wall blends entirely with the ambience and does not look odd. It features a smoke entry system that improves the reliability of the detector. The advanced electrochemical sensor along with the photoelectric sensor helps in detecting both CO and smoke.

This sleek battery-operated smoke detector does not require any hardwiring and can be installed without hiring an electrician. The simple twist-lock mounting system helps you easily install on your ceiling or wall. The 10-year lithium-ion battery provides the continuous power supply. The average life of the battery is 87600 hours. The product comes with a 10-year limited warranty

#10 First Alert Photoelectric Smoke Detector | 10 Year Sealed Battery Backup, P1010


Save your property and your loved ones from any kind of fire hazards by installing this P1010 Photoelectric Smoke Detector brought to you by First Alert. You will find this ultra-sleek compact design smoke detector model in any of the best smoke detectors reviews. The device is manufactured using 76% less plastic and 52% less resin than any standard alarm. It features a reliable photoelectric sensor that not only detects smoke from blazing fires but also minimizing false alarms. Its 85-decibel alarm sound ensures that you get the alert from any corner of your house.

The product life and the life of the built-in tamper-proof 3V lithium-ion battery both being 10-years you need not worry about changing the batteries for the lifetime of the alarm. This ensures continuous support even in the case of power failure. Mount it effortlessly on the walls or ceiling of your home with the help of the easy mounting brackets.

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#2 Things to Consider before Buying Best First Alert Smoke Detectors

When you decide to buy a smoke detector which forms an essential part of security systems for home, our First Alert smoke detectors buying guide will give you the basic idea of the several things you should consider:

  • Types – There are different types of smoke detectors you can consider buying where ionization and photoelectric types are the popular ones. Each of these has their advantages hence it is advised that you buy a combination of both these popular types.
  • Source of power – Smoke detectors are based on two different power sources. One is the regular battery powered system and the other is the hardwired power system. The battery type is most popular as it works even when the power goes off or if the electric circuit has been destroyed by the fire.
  • Battery backup – If you decide to go for the normal battery-powered type, then the backup plays a vital role here. The batteries should have sufficient backup to keep the device running and your house safe from fire. Usually, Lithium-ion batteries have a longer life and can last up to 10 years.
  • Interconnection – This indicates connecting and triggering every smoke detector present in the house if one is triggered. If you stay in a multi-storied house, then this feature is important. Remember all the smoke alarms are of the same company for this feature to work.
  • Alert type – This refers to how the user is informed about the potential fire danger. Some of the common alert types are buzzers, beeping, sirens, chirping, smoke detector blinking red light, etc.
  • Display – Few latest models of smoke detectors come with a display that exhibit several information like ambient temperature, toxic gases in the air, the purity level of the air, etc. If you have a high budget you can go for this feature otherwise they don’t add to the safety.

#3 Conclusion

Now that you have taken a look at some of the popular smoke detector models of First Alert, it will be easier for you to decide which one to go for. Once you purchase the device, the next step in installing the same. The installation of some detectors is not that tough and should not take more than 2 hours.

Now that you have installed a smoke detector at home as a part of your home security make sure you take care of its maintenance, update or replace it when required. The build-up of dust can lead to false alarm or delayed detection and hence you should keep the device clean and in working condition. Always go for the best smoke detector available in the market to keep your property and family safe.


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