TOP 10 Best GPS Tracker For Car Without Monthly Fees To Buy in September 2021


Best GPS Tracker For Car Without Monthly Fees Reviews : GPS tracking devices like a GPS tracker for car are beneficial for monitoring your vehicle and protecting it from theft. You can also watch your truck business or ensure that your child arrives home safely.

These car GPS trackers allow users to track your car’s real-time location even when you’re not using it. But the sad part is most GPS trackers programs need a monthly fee, which might be vast and unaffordable.

There are also products like a hidden GPS tracker for car, which can help track a suspect and spies. And if you are thinking of buying one, this article is about the best GPS tracker for car without monthly fees reviews. After a lot of research, we have provided a list of good and quality devices that are the best on the market. The good part is that these products don’t require any monthly fees to pay.

Best GPS Tracker For Car Without Monthly Fees Reviews

#1 Best GPS Tracker For Car Without Monthly Fees Reviews September 2021

#1 Vyncs GPS Tracker for Vehicles Vyncs 4G LTE No Monthly Fee

Vyncs GPS Tracker for Vehicles Vyncs 4G LTE No Monthly Fee

Vyncs is the first product in our best GPS tracker for car without monthly fees reviews 2021. The tracker takes your vehicle to the world of the Internet. This device collects real-time information like the vehicle’s current position, trip records, driving habits, vehicle health condition, fuel/emissions performance, and much more.

The setup is straightforward: plug the Vyncs GPS Tracker in your car, install the mobile application, and you are good to go. The device collects data every second, examines that, and transfers the data every 3 minutes from the device to their servers. The device looks like a Mini GPS Tracker because of its small size.

No monthly fee is needed. You have to pay the yearly fee and a one-time activation fee only. This device comes with a SIM card with 4G connectivity and does not require any monthly payment for the data connection. Vyncs works in over 200+ countries.

#1 Key features:

• Has 4G connectivity speed
• Real-time tracking
• Checks vehicle health condition
• Easy to setup
• No need to charge

#2 LandAirSea Sync GPS Tracker 4G LTE Real-Time OBD Vehicle and Fleet Tracking Device

LandAirSea Sync GPS Tracker 4G LTE Real-Time OBD Vehicle and Fleet Tracking Device

LandAirSea Sync GPS Tracker is one of the best GPS real-time tracking devices. The data refresh rate is about 10 seconds, which is very fast compared to other products. It supports 4G LTE SIM cards and also comes with one that has a one-year tracking plan.

You can access your data with a computer or a smartphone by downloading the SilverCloud app for free real-time mobile tracking. The software is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows users. The device needs no charging as you need to plug it in the OBD-II (near the Car gun safe holder) port of your vehicle.

It has the feature of accident and impact alert assistance, where it notifies your emergency contacts by giving them alerts through mail or SMS. It is ultra-compact, discreet, and simple that has more features than you think. You have to pay the one-time fee, and there is no monthly fee required.

#1 Key features:

• Fast data refresh rate
• Waterproof design
• Accident alert assistance included
• Works on cloud-based software

#3 VYNCS Premium: Best GPS Tracker For Car Without Monthly Fees

VYNCS Premium No Monthly Fees GPS Tracker

Vyncs Premium device is one of the four tools and plans that the company produces. You will get zone geo-fence zone notifications, driving scores, and real-time tracking. The data refresh rate is about 3 minutes, but 15-, 30-, and 60-seconds features are also available. The best part about the device is the safety level.

It helps protect the teens at your home by monitoring them and improving their driving with tips based on their driving practices. Vyncs keeps an eye on your car’s subsystems and alerts you even if there is a small problem in the vehicle. This device also doesn’t need any charging options. You have to plug it in the OBD-II port of your car.

This device looks the same as a Mini GPS Tracker. However, the worst part is the connectivity technology. It uses 3G technology, which is slow compared to 4G and less featured than its competitors. You are required to pay only the one-time activation fee.

#1 Key features:

• Maintenance Alert
• Speed tracking of vehicle
• Protects teens by monitoring their performance

#4 VyncsPro 4G No Monthly Fee OBD Real-Time Car GPS Tracker

VyncsPro 4G No Monthly Fee OBD Real Time Car GPS Tracker

VyncsPro is the powerful one of all other Vyncs products. It has the basic features plus more. Vyncs Pro’s data refresh rate is 60 seconds GPS update with live map auto-refresh feature. That means your map screen updates in real-time as the vehicle moves, and no manual refresh is required.

Like other Vyncs products, this also needs to be plugged into the OBD-II port of your car. You can view your data using the mobile application, which is available in the application stores. The box comes with 1 4G LTE Vyncs Link device, 1 SIM card, and the plan includes a 1-year data plan.

You have to pay only the purchase cost and a one-time activation fee. There is no monthly fee required.

#1 Key features:

• Fast refresh rates
• Good user interface
• Harsh driving alerts
• Easy to use

#5 ZXCAQD Strong Magnet Wireless Mini Portable Magnetic Tracker Hidden for Vehicle with No Monthly Fee

ZXCAQD Strong Magne Wireless Mini Portable Magnetic Tracker Hidden for Vehicle with No Monthly Fee

The device is robust and slim that has a magnet on the back of it. It is beneficial as a GPS Tracker for Kids because they can stick in their bags while going to school or other places. It has features such as real-time tracking, voice surveillance, global positioning, mileage statistics, etc. This product has an in-built 4000mah Li-ion battery.

It does not come with a SIM card, and it is your responsibility to do it. The device supports only regular ordinary SIM cards. The package includes the device and a micro USB charging cable. An LED light indicator is built within the device to show the GPS tracker’s working status.

However, the product has a clunky user interface, and the setup process was a bit confusing. The operations are slow when compared to its competitors.

#1 Key features:

• Compact and convenient
• Long-lasting battery
• Voice surveillance

#6 GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device with 1 Year Service

GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device with 1 Year Service

GPSit1000BZL is the most affordable product on this list. You can track your vehicle’s rides, mileage, idle time, odometer, (geo-fence) entry, and exit points. It updates your location every 2 minutes as well as when the vehicle turns.

It sends the data to the server every few hours if the car is stationary. The mobile application’s user interface is straightforward and easy to understand. The design is not very aesthetic, but the given system is more than enough for using the application. This device doesn’t have any batteries because it works when you plug it into the OBD-II port of your car.

The tech support is excellent, and the customer service was quick and patient. You don’t have to pay monthly fees; however, you have to pay the annual fee and the one-time payment.

#1 Key features:

• Precise statistic data collection
• User-friendly interface
• Highly durable
• Geo-fence (entry and exit) points marking

#7 GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker for Vehicles

GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker for Vehicles

GeoZilla GPS tracker is the smallest GPS tracker on this list. It is very lightweight, and it is easy to carry anywhere by hand. The tracker connects to GPS and GSM networks and alerts the location at an interval of your choice.

The box includes the tracking device, a magnetic USB cable for charging the tracker, a hard case pouch to protect the device from any damage, a shell belt clip to attach the device to your pet’s leash or backpack, and a lanyard to wear around the neck. So this can work as a GPS tracker for kids as well as for your pets.

GeoZill’s mobile app is a cross-platform app where you can view your kids, pets, and others’ location and receive alerts when they have gone or entered a specific place. You can choose the data refresh rate of your choice, ranging from every 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Each refresh rate has a different impact on battery time. The battery lasts up to 2 days. You do need to pay for a data plan for the tracker and the one-time fee.

#1 Key features:

• Easy to carry and elegant
• Customizable data refresh rate
• User-friendly interface

#8 Homegps Mini GPS Tracker Device for Car/Vehicle/Motorcycle/Bicycle/kids/

homegps Mini GPS Tracker Device

Homegps Mini GPS Tracker is the last device in Best GPS Tracker for Car without Monthly Fees Reviews list. This tracker is multi-functional, capable of collecting various statistics such as movement, voice monitoring, low battery, real-time locating, and alert when the tracker got moved in and out of specific zones.

The battery capacity is 5000mAh, which can last for a month on a full charge. Many people say that this works nicely as a Motorcycle GPS Tracker because the tracker fits perfectly in a motorcycle. Thanks to its magnetic mounting feature.

It has an IP56 waterproof design, so you don’t need to worry about rainy days. The worst part is this device only works with a 2G SIM card, which is obsolete and has slow connectivity speeds. The SIM does not come with the box.

#1 Key features:

• Long-lasting battery
• IP56 waterproof design
• Handle data with mobile app
• Magnetic mounting

#1 Things To Consider Before Buying Best GPS Tracker For Car Without Monthly Fees

Buying the perfect Real time GPS tracker is not an easy task. In the below checklist, we have provided the crucial factors you must consider before buying them.

Compatibility: This is one of the most critical factors that you must check. You must check whether the GPS tracker device will support your car model. The device must collect all the data that is necessary without any trouble.

We study this factor because some luxury cars like BMW, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, etc., have complex electronics and will or will not support these tracking devices. It is best to communicate with your car’s manufacturer and verify your concern.

Security: Your device collects a lot of information about you and your vehicle. It also includes your data, such as log-in credentials, which are highly sensitive and requires high security. Imagine what happens when someone hacks your device and knows where you come and go.

In this situation, you are in grave danger, and you must take steps to protect yourself. That is why security is critical. Check the level of security and data encryption that your GPS tracker offers. Of course, all devices are not too secure. But the necessary level of security is a must.

User experience: The device that you buy will have a mobile application that you can download. The app brings you all the data collected by the device, such as your vehicle’s live location, location alerts, etc.

So, the app’s user experience must be smooth and neat so that you can quickly find the information you want without confusing yourself. Read about the reviews so that you get a clear idea of the app’s design.

Data Refresh Rate: Data refresh rate tells about how frequently your device updates or refreshes the data about your location and other things. Imagine that you are in point A, and after some time, you are in point B. But the app shows that you are still in point A, and only after 2-3 minutes, your app updates that you are in point B.

The situation becomes terrible when you lost your car, and you are searching for its position. It’s ok when your vehicle is not moving. But what if a thief steals your vehicle and you want to know the current place of the car? There is no use in updating the data after the thief finds the tracker device in your car and destroys it.

#3 Conclusion:

These are some of the best tracking devices you can use to safeguard your vehicles, children, pets, etc. Ensure that you read the things to consider section thoroughly to choose the best product that will be suitable for you. So, it’s about time that the thief knows that he/she is being tracked and will get caught soon!


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