TOP 10 Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier to Buy in September 2021


Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier Reviews : A gun safe is one of the most secure ways of storing your firearms. However, an enclosed casing for the firearms would lead to the build-up of moisture that can eventually damage your rifles. Therefore, with the help of a gun safe dehumidifier this would never be an issue.

A dehumidifier for gun safe will safeguard your ammo from moisture, prevent the growth of mould, wouldn’t let moisture build up on firearms and even wouldn’t emit and foul odour from the safe.

Since there are various kinds of gun safe dehumidifier available in the market we have shortlisted some of the top rated models and described them in details for you to consider the best product according to your requirement.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier Reviews

#1 Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier Reviews September 2021

#1 Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

This is a rechargeable dehumidifier for gun safe with an area coverage capacity of 333 cubic feet. It can even soak up to 6 ounces of moisture from the area of its installation.

Various users prefer this gun safe dehumidifier due to its ability of not leaving any spill or mess inside your small gun safe. It has an easy to use design which requires the product to only hang inside the safe and that’s it!

Its small and portable design makes it easy to handle and it can even be carried from one place to another without any hassle. It doesn’t emit any toxic material therefore can be safely used around kids and pets.

  • Non toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Wide area coverage
  • Compact and portable
  • Doesn’t leave any mess after operation
  • Long recharge time

#2 ALROCKET Portable and Compact Dehumidifier

ALROCKET Portable and Compact Dehumidifier

This is a highly efficient dehumidifier for gun safe with a 1000 ml capacity that can extract up to 450 ml of water daily from any humid environment. This product improves the air quality of your stank on gun safe thus creating a safe and comfortable environment for your guns.

It has a built-in thermo electric operation which allows it to run throughout day and night without producing any disturbing noises. It even consumes very less power when compared against various other products in the market. It is completely environment friendly and also comes at an affordable rate.

This gun safe dehumidifier even comes with an auto shut off feature to protect it from the risk of overflowing. It has a one touch switch helps you to easily operate the unit without any hassle.

  • Automatic shutdown
  • Compact and portable
  • Low noise production
  • Doesn’t emit any toxic chemicals
  • It only runs on electricity

#3 Honati Small Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier

Honati Small Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier for gun safe has a quick and effective working operation that has a capacity of 600 ml and can soak up to 300 ml of moisture on a daily basis. This would be the perfect product that can keep your small gun safe healthy and free of any moisture particles.

The dehumidifier has a built-in thermoelectric cooling technology without any compressor so its operation is almost silent. It can be used in your stack on gun safe without any hassle.

Its built-in automatic shut off protection doesn’t allow any flooding or water overflow. It will just turn off whenever the water tank is full thus saving you from a mess.
It also has a portable structure and is lightweight thus allowing you to move this gun safe dehumidifier anywhere.

  • Highly efficient
  • Compact and portable
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Doesn’t consume much energy
  • No toxic chemicals emitted
  • Runs on electricity only

#4 KTPOWER Cubic Feet Dehumidifier for Home

KTPOWER Cubic Feet Dehumidifier for Home

This is a lightweight, compact and portable dehumidifier that can remove a sufficient amount of moisture from the air. It has two air inlets which has great efficiency in removing the moisture from the air easily.

This gun safe dehumidifier has an upgraded ultra quiet technology that brings you an almost silent operation. Therefore, there isn’t any sort of disturbance when it comes to sleeping or working.

When the max volume of the dehumidifier’s capacity is reached it will turn off automatically thus saving you from the risk of overflow. All you need to do is empty the water tank and start using it again without any hassle.

It is also very easy to empty and clean and eventually it consumes very less power thus saving not only your electric bills but also saves a lot of energy.
It has a mini size thus allowing you to move the dehumidifier easily from one place to another.

  • Compact
  • Ultra quiet
  • Energy efficient
  • Auto switch off feature
  • Not able to soak every bit of moisture from the safe

#5 Hornady Black Gun Safe Dehumidifier Canister

Hornady Black Dehumidifier Canister

This unique canister shaped gun safe dehumidifier can protect your firearms and other valuables from rust and corrosion easily. It is a desiccant dehumidifier for gun safe that changes the colour of the canister whenever it needs to be recharged.

The recharging of the canister can be done easily by just placing the dehumidifier over a 300 F stove or oven until the granules dry up and turn blue.

  • Child safe
  • Easy to recharge
  • No batteries required
  • Works on desiccant particles

#6 Pro Breeze Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

This is truly cordless rechargeable dehumidifier for gun safe that can be used without any hassle since there is no need to punch in holes in your stack on gun safe.

Since this dehumidifier is rechargeable and renewable it will provide you with a long service. It can even go on without recharging for more than 30 days and would eventually work fine.

It has a measurement of 333 cubic feet coverage which is more than enough for standard sized gun safes. The material used in the construction of this gun safe dehumidifier is safe and non toxic therefore it can be safely used around kids and pets without any hassle.

  • Cordless design
  • No toxic chemicals emitted
  • Can be recharged and renewed
  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • No auto shut off feature

#7 SnapSafe Gun Safe Dehumidifier Lg Cylinder

SnapSafe Dehumidifier Lg Cylinder

This is the perfect gun safe dehumidifier that can be used to prevent rust and mild dew in various isolated area of your small gun safe.

There is an indicator system that is used to inform the user when the unit needs to be recharged. It even has a compact build and light weight and doesn’t even require any batteries.

It works on desiccant pellets that ensures that there is unlimited recharges which would lead to the longevity of the dehumidifier.
It even has a warranty against any sort of materialistic defects.

  • Unlimited recharges
  • Requires no batteries
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Prevents all sorts of moisture
  • Indicator system to inform when the unit needs to be recharged
  • The container might get rusted in areas with high humidity

#8 New Eva Dehumidifier Protects Gun Safe

New Eva Dehumidifier Protects Gun Safe

This gun safe humidifier has a compact size which can be fitted in almost any gun safe out there. This works without any batteries or electricity and thus keeps your guns safe from moisture silently.

This product is very easy to keep track of. It uses renewable silica gel that can absorb moisture with ease and the beads eventually change their colour as they start holding the water. Every two to four weeks the beads reach their maximum capacity and needs to be renewed. After a good 8 to 10 hours of recharging this dehumidifier for gun safe would turn out to be good as new.

This product can work up to 10 years without any hassle.

  • Operates silently
  • Can be used for a long period of time
  • Doesn’t require any batteries or wires
  • Requires constant monitoring
  • Cannot hold a lot of moisture

#9 Acare Gun Safe Dehumidifier for Basements

Acare Gun Safe Dehumidifier for Basements

This is a portable yet has a large capacity gun safe dehumidifier that can be used anywhere.

This machine will turn off automatically once its maximum loading capacity is reached thus ensuring that there is no water spillage.

It has a built in thermo cooling technology with no compressor which ensures that it works silently, without disturbing anybody’s sleep.

It has a one button operation that you need to press while using the same and it will work as long as there is space in the product to hold water.

  • Portable
  • Silent operation
  • Auto turn off feature
  • Built-in thermo cooling feature
  • Low water holding capacity

#10 SOTHING Renewable Moisture Absorber Small Dehumidifier

SOTHING Renewable Moisture Absorber Small Dehumidifier

This is a mini sized yet big capacity dehumidifier for gun safe that works with silica gel with a storage capacity of 60 ml.

The silica gel which it works on is environment friendly and can efficiently absorb moisture from the air. This is a great way to get rid of damps and mild dew from your small gun safe.

It requires to be charged for about 8 to 24 hours depending upon its usage. It has a flat shape that ensures that there is a clear contact surface for the air which improves efficiency. Its vivid leaf indicator would clearly mention the working condition of your gun safe dehumidifier.

  • Efficient
  • Non toxic
  • Silent operation
  • Warranty included
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Works on silica gel

#2 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier

There are various factors which you need to consider before purchasing a dehumidifier for gun safe from the market. These factors are mentioned below as follow.

#1 Type of dehumidifier

There are two types of gun safe dehumidifier which is available in the market namely Electric and Desiccant. These two types have their own usage and pros and cons when using in a small gun safe.

Desiccant Dehumidifier for Gun Safe: This type uses silica gel beads to absorb the excess moisture in the air. This has a disadvantage over the electric ones since these beads can only absorb a specific amount of moisture from the stack on gun safe.

Electric Dehumidifier for Gun Safe: This type has an exposed heating element that produces heat and thus emits any sort of moisture in the air. These kind of dehumidifiers are more efficient and thus have an increasing popularity in the recent market.

#2 Absorption Capacity

The absorption capacity of a gun safe dehumidifier is one of the major factors which you need to consider before purchasing any product. It will determine the amount of moisture it can suck up from the atmosphere.

The exact absorption level even depends on various factors such as the humidity level in your area and small gun safe. Usually, a dehumidifier with large absorption rate is preferred.

#3 Size

This is another important factor which you need to consider and make sure that the dehumidifier for gun safe is large enough for you specific safe size.

#4 Longevity

This is a key factor before going to purchase your dehumidifier for gun safe. The electric models usually last a lifetime with proper maintenance. However, the desiccant types require a recharge before it can be used again after quite some time.

#5 Safety

You need to make sure that your gun safe dehumidifier is safe to handle and there are no toxic chemicals emitting from the product itself. There should also be an auto shut off function for the electric ones so that there is an extra measure of safety likewise.

#6 Installation

Some dehumidifiers for gun safe are easy to install than others. Therefore, you need to keep the ease of installation in mind before purchasing any model.

#3 Conclusion

With the best gun safe dehumidifier you now have a reliable tool in your hand that will help you to protect your firearms which usually gets damaged due to excess humidity.

Purchasing the perfect product according to your requirement can not only help you to safeguard your gun in your fireproof safe for guns but will also ensure their longevity. Thus be sure to check out the factors that we have mentioned and go through the products in our review and let us know if you have any confusions!


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