TOP 5 Best Nest Smoke Detectors Reviews September 2021


Best Nest Smoke Detectors Reviews : Considering the increasing number of fire incidents today, it is recommended that every home should install a smoke alarm. By bringing home the Nest Protect you can ensure that it will take your smoke detection to a completely next level. This is a unique product from the house of Google that makes your home a little more secured by sending alerts to a mobile phone on detection of any smoke, Carbon Monoxide (CO) or any other risk. It proves to be an ideal addition in any smart home.

This latest version of Nest Protect removes many of the drawbacks faced in a traditional smoke detection system. Its in-built split-spectrum sensor makes the device powerful. The device may be a little on the expensive side compared to other smoke detectors, but its connectivity along with its excellent features makes it an ideal investment in many cases.

If you take a glimpse at any of the TOP 5 Best Nest Smoke Detectors Reviews 2021 you will definitely come across this product.


#1 Best Nest Smoke Detectors Reviews 2021

#1 Nest S3000BWES Nest Protect 2nd Gen Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm


This particular Nest Smoke Detector Battery model is the ultimate choice for your home. This redesigned model comes with an industrial-grade super-efficient split-spectrum sensor that can detect both fast and slow-burning fires and comes with a life of about 10-years. This makes it capable of easily detecting the cause and location of the problem.

It can detect the colorless and odorless CO along with smoke to keep your family safe in case of leaks and sends alerts to your phone. So, in case you are not at home you are warned about the danger. The Nest Protect also sends you a message if there’s a problem or the batteries run low.

It has a voice mode to alert you when it detects smoke or CO and where exactly the problem is. This friendly voice alert can also save the toast from getting burnt. This is the first-ever alarm which you can turn silent from your phone through its App Silence feature.

Another interesting feature of this product is, the pathlight feature lights your way when you walk under it in the dark. It also emits a green glow when you turn off the lights in the room. The product comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

You will find about this product in any of the Latest Security Products Reviews where it has been highly recommended as a part of any smart home. Also in Amazon, it has a rating of 4.5 and has been reviewed by 3520 customers.

#2 Nest S3000BWES Nest Protect 2nd Gen Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm


This Nest Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector is the same product as above and offers the same features as the previous model. The only difference is, it comes in a pack of 3 which can act as a complete solution for your entire house.

Install one in your living room, one in your bedroom and one in the kitchen for ultimate protection from smoke and CO.

#3 Nest Protect 2nd Gen Wired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, White – 2-Pack


In this technologically advanced world, Nest Protect is the ideal product that analyzes the situation, speaks and keeps you updated over your phone in case of any fire emergency.

This wired model of smoke and CO detector is same as the last two models but it is available in a pack of 2 for those who think a single product will not meet your requirement and the 4 pack deal will be more than sufficient for their need.

Though it is the latest addition in the Amazon website it has got excellent feedback.

#4 Nest Protect Wired Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (White, 2nd Generation) 4-Pack Bundle


This product is again same as the previous one with the only difference that it comes in a pack of 4 for a total solution. With Nest Protect, you can now actually expect more from your smoke and CO alarm.

Did you know that you should test your smoke alarms once a month? But hardly any of us follow this rule. But all of the models of Nest Protect checks the sensors and batteries for more than 400 times a day. This alarm from the house of Goggle is the first-ever alarm that uses the Sound Check feature to silently test the horn and the speaker once in a month.

So, get home this combo pack of 4 some detecting devices and give all four corners of your home the ultimate fire protection.

#5 Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Wired (2nd Gen)


Keeping in mind that some people prefer the traditional system, Google has come up with two models of this smoke and CO detector. One is solely battery operated and the other one is the Wired Nest Smoke Detector which is a combination of both wired solution and battery-backup. Here, the battery backup has been incorporated to ensure that the device keeps protecting you and your family day and night without failure even during the power cuts.

Just like the battery-operated models it also lets you enjoy all the excellent features of a Nest Protect like Split-Spectrum Sensor, notification through a friendly human voice, phone alerts, the App Silence feature, Pathlight, etc.

Also, with the use of this device, you can get rid of those annoying low battery chirping sounds at midnight. Nest Protect intimates you of low batteries smartly with a message on your phone. Now you can test the alarm just with the tap of your finger. Once the test is conducted, you will get an automated report.

#2 Features of Nest Smoke Detectors

The sleek sophisticated Nest Protect device comes in thought-focused design. If you take a close look at any of the best nest smoke detectors reviews you will find that it is both innovative and easy to use. Some of its striking features are as follows:

  • A Smart System – Nest is popular is one of the most thoughtful systems in today’s market. It does a lot of work on your behalf right from testing the sensor and batteries to checking the sound coming out from the speakers.
  • Design – The Nest Protect is a sleek pure white-colored plastic device that measures 5.3 x 1.5 inches. It has a perforated body with a glowing circular design at the center of the device. It is available in both in wired and battery version.
  • Differentiates between Smoke and Steam – The Steam Check feature in this device uses an algorithm to differentiate between the two, based on their humidity levels.
  • App access – Now monitor the safety of your home even from miles away. Unlike Kidde Smoke Detector, you can connect the Nest Protect easily with an app in your phone to receive messages in case of a concern. Also, the App Silence feature lets you allow you to turn off the alarm from the app.
  • Smart Speaking Technology – To mentally prepare you for the situation, the Nest Protect gives a warning in a friendly human voice before it makes the alarm sound through the two-watt speaker.
  • Pathlight – The Pathlight technology with an occupancy sensor ensures that when you walk under the device at night in dark it automatically lights up to improve your visibility. With the help of the app, you can control the amount of light.
  • The smart Indicators – The red light turns on when the smart device detects smoke or CO and in dark the Nightly Promise feature with ambient light sensor ensures that the green light glows indicating that the system is working.
  • Steam Check – Do you find it annoying when your alarm starts yelling while you are taking a hot shower? With Nest Protect you will no longer face this issue. It is the only alarm that comes with a Steam Check which uses a humidity sensor and custom algorithms that detects steam, so you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing shower.

These are some of the smart features that you can enjoy in the 2nd generation Nest Protect device. If you are looking for something extra, then you need to wait for the 3rd Generation Nest Smoke Detector to be launched by Google in the coming days.

#3 FAQ

#1 Which is the Best Nest Smoke Detector?

So far, Nest S3000BWES Nest Protect 2nd Gen Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm is considered as the best 2nd Generation Nest Smoke Detector. Also, a rating of 4.5 in Amazon confirms the same.

#2 What is the battery life of Nest Smoke Detector?

The battery life of these batteries basically depends on the usage. The battery-powered model of Nest Protect comes with 6 AA batteries that usually last for around 5-years. While the wired models come with 3 AA batteries that serve as only a backup when there is no power. There is no specific mention of the battery life of the latter, but since they are meant only for backup should last for years.

#3 How to install the Nest Smoke Detector?

When it comes to installation, the Nest Protect follows a similar pattern like most other smoke alarms. You need to screw a mounting plate to the wall or ceiling and then fix the Nest Protect to the same. It is not fixed with adhesive so it won’t and fall off accidentally due to the poor adhesive. Next, you need to download the app in your smartphone, create an account and then add the product. Then set up the device which takes only a few minutes and your Nest Protect is ready to save your home from all fire hazards.

#4 Where to buy Nest Smoke Detector?

If you are planning to buy the product online then you can take a look at our website where you will get the best deal. Here, you will come across the best security guide that will help to take the best decision.

#5 Does Nest Smoke Detector work with Alexa?

No, none of the models of the Google Nest Some Detector works with Alexa.

#4 Conclusion

Nest Protect though priced on a bit higher side compared to the normal smoke detecting device it is one of the most versatile products you will come across. Hence you need to take proper care of the device to add to its durability. If dust gets built-up on the device it can stop the sensors from working properly. The sensors can be damaged with the use of cleaning chemicals, paint or too much water. For cleaning the outside of the Nest Protect wipe it with a soft, somewhat damp cloth. For cleaning the outside chamber you need to take the Nest Protect off the mounting bracket and follow the detailed steps mentioned on the Nest’s website as per your model.

The company also provides supportive customer services. So, go for a Nest Protect smoke and CO detector today that ensures constant monitoring of your home thus providing you peace of mind.


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