TOP 10 Best Night Owl Security Camera System Reviews 2021


Best Night Owl Security Camera Reviews : Having a security system has become a necessity. With an increase in technology, crime rates are also increasing at an alarming rate. To ensure that your house is safe, you need to have a security system in your home. Here, we present the Best Night Owl Security Camera System, which is not only great but is even cheap as compared to other security camera companies. Though Night Owl is a startup company, it has already excelled in this field due to the features that it provides.


#2 Best Night Owl Security Camera System Reviews 2021

#1 Night Owl Wired Security Camera with DVR


The Night Owl wired security camera is an eight-channel security system, which comes with a 1TB hard disk. When you buy this system, you would be getting six cameras along with an eight-channel DVR, which means you can add two more cameras to cover up the entire house.

This particular camera system gives a video quality of 1080p, which is more than enough. Not only that, the camera even provides excellent night vision, which can cover up to 100ft of the area. Though the night vision is in black and white, the quality of the recordings is excellent.

Even if you are away from home and wish to view the recordings, you can do so by the Night Owl app, which gives access to see live as well as stored recordings from anywhere. Interestingly, the app will not charge you even a single penny, thus allowing you to save the records free of cost.

Furthermore, the smart motion alerts make sure that the false alarm is not there so that the user does not receive alerts for false alarms.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The installation of the camera is easy
  • The app allows for free viewing of the tapes.
  • You can even rewind and forward the videos from your phone
  • The camera system comes with 1TB hard disk to store the recordings
  • The smart motion detection deletes any false alerts from the system
  • The quality of the camera material is not good
  • The app has some faults, which includes app not working after several days

#2 Night Owl 4 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security Camera System


Wireless cameras have many benefits over the wired security systems. The first one is that you do not have to deal with the mess of wires. This particular Night Owl 4 channel 1080 wireless smart security camera system, is perfect for any house.

The security system comes with four cameras, each of 1080p quality, a four-channel NVR for connecting the cameras, a pre-installed 1TB hard disk for storing the data, and a manual.

This is the Best Night Owl Security Camera System with the feature of two-way communication, which means that you can not only listen to the conversation going on in the room but can even reply to the conversation through the built-in mic present in the camera. The two-way audio feature is helpful when kids or pets are left alone in the house.

Apart from that, this wireless camera system has an in-built Wi-Fi system, which prevents it from using any external internet connection. The viewing angle of the camera is 100-degree, and it can cover up to 300ft of area. Another exciting thing is that each camera comes with its power adapter, can record 24*7, and even has pre-recording options.

The individual power adapter of each camera ensures that the cameras do not run out of power, thus saving you from removing them.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • It comes with a pre-installed hard disk
  • Each camera can cover up to 300ft of area
  • The NVR comes with an in-built Wi-Fi system
  • The camera system has a two-way audio feature
  • Each camera comes with a personal power adapter so that they won’t run out of charge
  • The viewing angle is only 100 degree
  • The system comes with four cameras only

#3 Night Owl 5MP HD 8CH 1 TB HDD Security Camera System


The Night Owl security system is known or producing a sound security system for the citizens of America. Though the company is a startup but has reached success due to the features that they add on the network.

This particular system consists of four cameras, each of 5MP, an HD DVR, which can add four more cameras to the system, a pre-installed 1TB hard disk, and cables. The installation is effortless, and one can do it by following the steps in the manual.

With the 1TB hard drive, you can assure that the recordings would be stored securely, without any compromising with the quality of the video.

This is the Best Night Owl Security Camera System, and it even has dual sensor technology, which means you will not get any false alerts whatsoever. Moreover, the viewing angle is 85-degree only and can cover up to 100ft of area. Though the night vision of this camera system is crystal clear and you would get a clear view of the recordings even in the dark.

Interestingly, this system does not require any internet connection, and the users can also view the records from the app without paying any subscription fees.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The quality of the cameras are great
  • The DVR can connect four more cameras to the system
  • The camera system does not require any internet connection
  • No subscription fees required for viewing the videos from the app
  • The dual technology feature makes sure that you do not get any false alert
  • The cables can be used only for indoor use
  • The DVR fan is loud as compared to other systems

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#4 Night Owl Wired Home Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System


This Night Owl 4 HD Security Camera is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The cameras are weatherproof, which means that they can record in any weather.

Apart from that, the camera quality is outstanding, and you can get video recordings in HD quality. The camera system has L2 Color Boost technology, which means that the video recording will consist of real colors as they appear in reality.

As the system has L2 Color Boost technology, the night vision of the cameras is better than other cameras included in the list.

Not only that, the cameras can even be connected with iOS as well as Android devices so that the users can view the recordings from anywhere. As a startup company, Night Owl has provided its customers with a free app to view the tapes without paying anything. Other security companies require payment to view the recordings, while Night Owl gives it for free, which makes it more accessible to the users.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • It can record 24*7
  • It can cover up to 100ft of area
  • The system supports both iOS and Android devices
  • You can get an HD quality video even during the night
  • It has L2 color boost technology which improves the quality of the video
  • The cameras can work fine only when mounted on a flat roof
  • The security system is costly as compared to other systems

#5 Night Owl 4 Channel 1080p Security Camera with DVR


If you are looking for an affordable yet robust security system for your house, then the Night Owl 4 Channel 1080p security camera with DVR, is the perfect choice for you.

The Night Owl security camera ensures that the recorded videos and the pictures are only accessible to the users, and no one can view them, which means that any third party users or the company itself cannot see the videos which the cameras have recorded.

Leaving that aside, the system consists of 4 cameras of 1080p quality each, a four-channel DVR, and other things that should be there for install of Night Owl Security Camera.

One thing to keep in mind is that the New SMONET Security Camera requires a monitor to work so that the recordings can be stored. Though you can view the recordings from your phone too, through the Night Owl app, the cameras demand a monitor for working. The cameras get charged with the power adapters which come in the packet. As each camera has a personal adapter, one can get sure that the camera will never run out of power.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • This system is the best value for money
  • The cameras have their power adapter
  • The installing of the security system is simple
  • It has all the features that a security system should have
  • The camera system is affordable as compared to other security systems
  • The system requires a monitor to work
  • The motion detector is not suitable due to which there are high chances of getting false alerts

#6 Night Owl 1080p Add–On Wired Security Dome Camera


The Night Owl 1080 Add-On security camera is suitable as an addition to the analog DVRs. The cost of this Night Owl HD Security Camera is meager, and it comes with the cables that are required or connecting the camera with the DVR.

You can either buy this camera in a single pack or a box of two or four cameras. The Add-on camera has a 1080p sensor, a viewing angle of 100 degrees, coverage of 100ft of area, and compatible for both indoor and outdoor use.

Not only that, this particular camera even has an excellent night vision, giving videos of clear HD quality. You can get two or four such cameras to cover the front and back of the house along with an 8CH security camera system.

These bullet cameras were produced by Night Owl so that the customers would not have to buy another set of a camera system and can have these add-ons to secure their homes. The add-on camera has all the features that a security camera should have. It even has a two-way audio element, through which you can listen and reply to any conversation happening in the room.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The cameras are weatherproof
  • The add-on camera is affordable
  • The camera is compatible with analog DVRs
  • They come with wires and cables for the connection
  • They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor coverage
  • The camera system is not compatible with AHD7 series

#7 Night Owl Wireless 1080p Add-on Indoor/Outdoor Camera


The Night Owl wireless add-on camera is for the wireless security system. The add-on is used by connecting it with the NVR of any wireless security system from Night Owl. The quality of the Wireless Indoor Security Camera is 1080p, which means that the videos and pictures would be crystal clear.

Interestingly, this wireless add-on even comes with its power adapter so that it will not run out of charge and would provide recording 24*7. Moreover, you can use this add-on camera or both indoor and outdoor purposes.

The system has smart motion technology to avoid false alerts and even has a two-way audio system, which is necessary if you have a pet or a baby in the house. This wireless add-on has the same features as that of Night Owl wireless security camera system so that you can easily connect it with the system for extra security.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • It comes with its power adapter
  • The security camera can record for 24*7
  • The camera is also ideal for stand-alone
  • The camera is perfect for outdoor as well as indoor coverage
  • The camera easily connect with the wireless security camera system
  • The add-on is a bit costly

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#8 Night Owl 1080P 4 Pack Add-On Wired Bullet Cameras


This packet of 4 bullet cameras is ideal or any eight-channel DVR. The installation of the cameras is straightforward as they come with their wires and cables, thus excluding you from the extra cost for the cables.

Not only that, the cameras are weatherproof, and hence they can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The cables are of 60ft, for each camera, which is more than enough for connecting the cameras.

This system comes with a low-lux sensor; auto IR cut fitter, and a vandal-proof bracket, which makes the add-on cameras the best choice for any analog system. The auto IR cut fitter, improves the quality of the video, while the low-lux sensor makes sure that the camera can capture good videos even in the dark.

The price of the cameras are low and can be bought along with an analog DVR security system. These add-ons even have the facility of making the videos available to the user through the Night Owl app. Annke doesn’t have any Best 4K Security Camera System.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The length of the cables are more than enough
  • The low-lux sensor captures ideal night recordings
  • The auto IR cut fitter maintains the quality of the video
  • The add-ons are compatible with 8Ch DVR security system
  • The installing of the add-on cameras is difficult

#9 Night Owl 2 Pack Add-on 3MP Dual-Sensor Wired Infrared Camera


The 3MP dual sensor add-on cameras from Night owl are made for giving extra security by connecting them with the 3MP Analog DVR security system. These cameras are suitable for wired networks and hence have all the features required for a wired security camera.

The add-on cameras have dual sensor technology, which is very much useful as it would avoid any false alarms created due to bugs or flies moving in front of the camera. It means that you will only get notifications in case any major mishap occurs.

The Outdoor Wireless Security Camera app supports the add-on cameras, too, so that you can view the recordings from these cameras from anywhere. As the app is free to use, you do not have to pay anything for viewing the records. Though the apps have some faults, it works fine for a startup company. Moreover, the cameras have a viewing angle of 100-degree and can cover up to 100ft of area.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The dual sensor technology avoids false alarms
  • It can be used by connecting with an 8Ch DVR
  • The night vision of the add-on cameras are great
  • You can use them for both indoor and outdoor purposes
  • The users can view the recordings from the add-ons through the app
  • The cameras do not have a two-way audio system

#10 Night Owl 1080p Wired 2 Pack Add–On Security Cameras with Heat Based Motion Detection


This pack of 2 cameras from Night owl is compatible with HD analog DVRs and will help you in getting extra security. The add-ons have heat-based motion detection, which can detect false alerts based on the temperature of the object so that you will not get any false alarms unnecessarily.

Apart from that, the cameras even have dual sensor technology and also consists of smart notifications. The add-on cameras function the same as the wired security camera system does.

However, you can get YI Dome Camera at a low price and can connect it with the DVR without any problem. They come with their wires and cables, so no extra cables are required.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The cameras add extra security
  • The installing of the cameras is quite easy
  • The quality of the video recordings is that of HD quality
  • They are compatible with HD analog DVR security system
  • The heat-based motion detection minimizes the possibility of false alarms
  • The cameras are not for stand-alone purposes

#1 Things to Consider before Buying the Best Night Owl Security Camera System

There are many cameras available by Night Owl, though you need to get the best Night Owl security camera system for your home. There are certain things which you need to keep in mind before going for a security system by Night Owl. Always lookout for the Best Security Camera Reviews before making a buying decision.

Security: A security camera system should provide protection not only from burglars and thieves but also from third party intruders. The Night Owl security camera manual states that the video recordings are only accessible to the users and not by the company or by any third party user, which is even found to be true.

Remote viewing: The Night Owl security camera app is made for the customers to view the recordings from anywhere, without having to pay any fees. This app even provides live viewing of the tapes, allows the user to rewind or forward the records, and has full access to the system without any interference.

#3 Conclusion

These were the Night Owl security camera system reviews, which can help you to choose the ideal security system for the house. The wireless security system would be a perfect choice as they have some of the best features which no other wireless security system in the market has. Apart from that, you can also look for stand-alone cameras, which can also work as an add-on for the existing system as they are cheap.


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