TOP 10 Best SMONET Security Camera System Reviews September 2021


TOP 10 Best SMONET Security Camera System Reviews September 2021 : With rising threats and thefts, security has been an enormous concern for everyone. Keeping this in mind, SMONET is a brand that has come up with its engineering technology and high-security camera. Being in this business of high security, it is a highly trusted brand which has been delivering these products for years now. Crafted with all the high-end technology to meet the rising concerns, the brand tops the list in the trust factor. Out of thousands of products available in the market, we have brought you the list of top 10 best security camera system with a closer look at each product. But before moving further, let us look at a few factors to consider before buying any security camera system.


#1 Best SMONET Security Camera System Reviews September 2021

#1 SMONET 2021 1080P Security Camera System Wireless


This power pack play by SMONET is the thing you require for your everyday security needs. The two prominent features that this camera holds are first it is an HD camera with 1080P for a better and clear view and second that the system is wireless which is a good option since the huge clump of wire can easily be avoided.

This easy to install device does not require much of a task in terms of setting up the complete machine. The constant power supply to the cameras and the NVR that comes along with it is provided by a power supply cable which is also included in the box set. All you need to do is to connect each camera with a single cable to NVR for a constant supply of charge. It is also equipped with IP66 weatherproofing, making it an ideal choice for outdoor requirements.

It can also be used for indoor setup with a 4-camera system and can be put in the sensitive areas of indoors. The recording can be done for 24*7 with an option of live streaming. Also, 1TB of a hard drive can store up to 12 days of records which is an excellent deal, and you do not have to worry about clearing the space after every 2-3days. Post 12 days, it will start to override the previous recordings so you can save all the great clips before it gets replaced.

With the latest H.264+ compression, the storage space is saved a lot. Also, it consumes less of the network’s bandwidth, giving an efficiency in your internet connection as well. For reducing the false alert, motion detection can also be customized, and the quick alert system is a tremendous alarming system. The night vision also gives you a clear view of what is happening in and around your space and let you take into account for any suspicious movement.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Resolution of 1080p
  • Good quality night vision
  • The processor is quite powerful
  • NVR does not come with any power on/off button

#2 SMONET Outdoor Security Camera System Wireless


A wireless camera system, designed especially for the safety of your place is the one you should get through if you are looking something for outdoor purpose. The storage does not require any hard drive, which is a steal deal, and you do not have to spend extra bucks on storage space. The wireless system is convenient when it comes to setup and configuration.

Though there is a constant requirement of a plugin for each camera in the system for a regular power supply, it still provides with a 24*7 surveillance with remote access to the system anytime, anywhere. For viewing the recorded videos, you can also connect the NVR to your network or TV using an HDMI or VGA cable and get a clear view of the recording. Not only this, the wireless network of the camera is robust and can build a connection in seconds. The device, in terms of connectivity, is speedy and responsive.

Since it is an outdoor camera, you cannot miss n its weatherproofing feature. The IP66 weatherproofing makes it compatible under any weather condition and different temperature. You can seamlessly stream the video live on your mobile device while you are away from your space. Also, motion detection is responsive and quick, which is also a downside for the device at times. If detected it either sends you multiple alerts in an hour or doe not detects at all. The night vision of this system is up to 20m and gives a crystal clear image even during the darkest hours.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • High quality videos
  • System setup is easy and comfortable
  • Good signal strength
  • Easy recording and playback
  • Installation is quick and hassles free
  • Sensitivity issues with motion detection
  • Night mode is not very clear

#3 SMONET Wireless Security Camera System


Since this camera security system is wireless, it can be an ideal choice for your outdoor as well as indoor requirements. You can use batteries to operate the cameras of the system, but that will pile up to cost of constant battery changes. For this, you can connect the cameras with a power source which will provide 24*7 charge supply.

You get to view and record the videos as per your convenience. The system does not support any kind of external device storage. The system comes with pre-installed storage of 1TB in NVR box of the system. Once the room is full, the system overwrites the previously recorded footages and vacate the space for new recordings which saves your time of clearing the storage space. This could be a pitfall if you did not back up the great videos which might get lost and could not be discovered in the future.

The 960p camera comes with a built in 3 pcs IR-LED for the best experience during the night time. The night vision of this camera is a great deal which automatically activates this mode as the light conditions starts to get dimmer around the camera. Also, the weatherproofing and its resistance to dust make it suitable to be installed outside your space. You can either use this system as indoors or as outdoors surveillance. The recordings made by this camera is quite clear and can be viewed anytime with the playback feature.

Delivering a high picture quality, you can even stream live videos at any time of the day. This setup works satisfactorily from -50F to +122F. Also, you won’t be able to view any pictures if you connect the NVR box directly to your system or laptops, so try to avoid doing that.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Easy to setup
  • Night mode is amazing
  • High signal strength
  • Justification for the price paid
  • Good quality pictures and videos in uneven temperature conditions
  • Remote connection rises with constant issues
  • Getting the power to the camera is a bit challenging

#4 SMONET 1080P Wireless IP Home Security Camera System


This 8-channel wireless IP home security camera system can be the best choice and can consummate to the place which is larger in space like villas, offices, warehouses, and many other places. With the 24 hours of live surveillance, you can easily get to view in and around your property. With the wireless statement given I the description, people tend to think that there would not be any wires involved in the system, which is not the case. Since the cameras are not battery operated, they require a power supply for the working of the system.

The cameras need to be connected with the plugins for the battery it needs to view your space 24*7. Also, with the feature of remote viewing, you can easily access the cameras remotely when you not around your property. These systems are suitable for indoor viewing but not the best option for outdoor surveillance. Though it is weatherproof with IP66, they tend to lose functioning under extreme weather conditions while being practically tested. For indoor surveillance, this is a great option since the

This is also a great deal for night time when you require the best security option in the lowest light condition. This camera system comes with 3 IR-LED system which gives you a view of up to 65ft in the darkest lights around which is a very good option. This is also a good deal for capturing any kind of criminal activity which might happen and usually happens late at night.

The sturdy built of the camera systems makes it last for a longer time. The wide-angle lens gives great coverage to a great viewing area so that even the slightest corner is not missed o capture. For remote viewing, you can download the app on your mobile devices and sync the cameras to it.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Quick alerts
  • App works well
  • Convenient installation
  • Affordable and in a good price range
  • Great quality of daytime videos and images
  • Not waterproof if used outdoors
  • Software installation is a tedious task

#5 SMONET 16 Channel Home Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System


SMONNET, in its range of home security cameras, has come up with multiple options to serve different requirements for security concerns. This camera is yet another addition to its range of safety setups. While you are away from home, this 16 channel system is what will your eyes for the meantime. With all the latest feature, this set up is the most appropriate choice if you need surveillance inside or outside your home or office area. While some are created specifically for indoor or outdoor purpose, this is meant for any kind of condition that you fit it to.

The recording is processed 24 hours a day for all days a week. The system is equipped with ample storage space so that you remain tension free while it comes to piling up to video recordings. The motion detection of the device is quick and smart. Under any suspicious conditions, the activities get recorded which could either be played back or even be viewed remotely. To avoid any kind of false alerts, you can also mark the areas which make the alert messages to send notification only when necessary.

The device comes with a two year warranty over the product and 30 days money back guarantee if not satisfied with their product. The warranty also covers replacement of defected parts of the system with the brand-new parts at no cost. Also, the technical support comes for free for lifetime. The IP67 weatherproofing makes it the best alternative to standing the test of rigorous weather conditions. The system will not disappoint you with the outdoor conditions.

This expandable system also lets you add more cameras in case you require it for a large setup. The clear night vision gives you the coverage range of 65ft, which is an average range covered by most of the camera systems by SMONNET in the night mode. Like any other device of this brand, you also get to access it remotely with the app.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Durable
  • Easy to setup
  • Zonal setup for every camera
  • Top notch video and picture quality
  • Amazing clarity gives a good night vision
  • Issues with connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Not compatible with multiple devices

#6 SMONET 5MP 8 Channel Security Camera System


With a promise to manufacture and deliver a high quality product, SMONET has come up with yet another security camera system in their range of security cameras. The 5MP eight-channel camera system is a bit powerful than the rest of the options from the list in terms of functioning as well as price. The system comes with a DVR which is a good deal for people looking out for some kind of CCTV cameras.

The 5MP HD viewing with the image quality of 1920P gives a very sharp and clear viewing experience. The camera does not compromise on the image and video quality in the darkest light situations. The night mode of the camera is the best option to look for when you cannot be in your space to maintain security. It covers a distance of 65ft, which is again an average given by almost all the cameras by the brand.

It can either be used as indoor surveillance or outdoor security camera as per your requirements. The motion detection captures every action and sends an alarming message informing the owner of the suspicious activity going around the property. Also, you have an option to set and customize the sensitivity of the camera so that the dry leaves falling or a cat trying to get in does not interrupt in your work. Also, the limits of customization can be expanded to the setting of areas like the doors and windows, which are the entry points to space. Any suspicious activity there would be notified immediately.

It is also made to sustain any weather conditions with IP66 weatherproofing. Also, the temperature under which it can smoothly function ranges between -20F to 60F. It is believed and does withstand any kind of climatic conditions.  The best part of this camera is the 2TB storage device which comes along with it. With such huge storage space, you can easily record and save as many footage and videos as you want it to be proof to any criminal activity or the special family moment, you can easily hoard to it for as long as you want.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The camera covers a great area
  • Good quality images and videos
  • Easy to install
  • Great night vision mode
  • App works great
  • Motion detection lags at times
  • Instructions are not easy to understand

#7 SMONET 1080P Security Camera System Wireless with NVR


With a resolution of 1920*1080, this security camera is manufactured to deliver high quality crisp and sharp images and high-grade video quality so that you do not miss on anything. While you are away from your home for work, the constant concern of safety for your property and family is looked after by this system. With an aim to provide their customers with the best, the brand delivers the best at the most efficient price.

The videos from the camera can either be recorded in the HDD which comes with a 1TB of storage expandable to 4TB or you stream it live and keep a regular check on what is happening inside your home or office space. Though the remote viewing with this device does not have the best experience, it surely does a satisfactory job for this device. Yet another impressive and interesting feature of this camera is H.264+.

Solving the issue of rendering high quality video, H.264 gives a highly compressed video saving the storage space as well as the bandwidth. But this camera system comes with H.264 pro, which gives a high quality video at low bit rate by doubling the video compression. This, in turn, saves up to 50%of storage as well as data by saving a huge amount of data bandwidth.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Great built quality
  • Great picture quality
  • App works great
  • H264+ saves the bandwidth
  • All the cameras can be viewed in a single frame
  • Remote viewing rises issues
  • No horizontal adjustments in the camera

#8 SMONET PoE Security Camera System


With an easy setup system, this POE camera system is the best in the market right now. Unlike other security cameras, this system does not require an individual power supply. Instead, a single wire is required to connect all the bullet cameras to NVR of the system for the constant power supply and signal transmission. This further simplifies the process of installation and reduces the extra bucks that cost in the process. Also, this is a great preventive measure for lowering the risk of any kind of power leakage.

The setup includes the 1TB NVR storage for 24*7 video recording option. You cannot miss on anything precious, and so there is a dire need of large storage capacity for the same. Also, with the 1080P resolution of the camera, the system provides with a crystal-clear image and video quality, which can either be played back later or viewed remotely. This system is meant to be installed as either an indoor or outdoor security camera. With the IP66 weatherproofing, it is made to withstand the adverse possible climatic conditions.

For viewing the videos and footages remotely, you need to make sure that the NVR is connected with the router via Ethernet cable. The motion detection of the system is quite feasible. As soon as any suspicious activity is detected, the system sends the alert notification to the owner and starts recording the video. This way, you can remotely view the ongoing activity, and any kind of necessary action can, therefore, be taken. You can also set the range of motion detection as per your convenience and requirement.

Another interesting feature of this system is the customization of the cameras individually. You get an option to set different cameras for different modes. Different modes that can be set are continuous recording, recording only during the time scheduled, recycle the record or record only when motion is detected. This, in turn, helps in saving a lot of space in the drive.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Good quality and built
  • Easy to install
  • Wide angle viewing
  • Night mode is clear and good
  • Poor customer support

#9 SMONET Wi-Fi Home Security Camera System


Adding to the list of the best for outdoor security, this set of a camera system with 4.0 Megapixel of the camera is better than any other 1080p ones available in the market.  Engineered with the advanced H.264 pro video compression technology, it gives you high quality image with the lowest storage consumption. The camera is wireless and is designed to balance itself in the worst weather conditions. It can withstand the temperature range of -20F to 145F along with a feature of being dustproof and explosion-proof as well.

The problem arises for the intruder if they try to play with the system. The smart motion detection senses the upcoming alarming conditions and starts t record so that the owner does not miss on the event that happened in their absence. Also, the crime-prone areas can be customized and focused on the specific activities taking place. The night mode of the camera is really good, which can capture a range of 65ft.

A little pitfall here is the storage capacity of the device. The recordings can only be stored in the SD card. The limit of the SD that can be inserted is just 128GB which means there would be a constant requirement of freeing up space for further recordings. This, for sure, will consume a lot of time and requires constant efforts. There is no option for cloud storage or any such subscription available for it.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Good Wi-Fi connection
  • High picture quality
  • Easy setup
  • Night vision is also great
  • Motion detection is quick and responsive
  • No alarming messages
  • Storage expandable to only 128GB
  • Type of Camera – the first and the foremost feature is to consider what kind of camera do you require for your space. Is the system you are looking best suited to serve your purpose or not. Every product and category have multiple options, and therefore you have a wide range to select from.
  • Storage Space – for a device like this, you will need storage space to record the ongoing activity. In case of theft or criminal activity, it can be used a memory. In case of surveillance, you also get to capture some precious moments for a lifetime which you have missed by not being present there physically. It is essential to consider that the device holds an ample amount of space to keep any required recordings.
  • Weatherproof – this is an important feature to consider while you are looking for a camera to sustain outdoor conditions. Nobody would want to spend a significant amount on a device which wears off in a few days. Always check whether the system you are selecting can sustain to the harsh climatic condition and still provide you with good quality output.
  • Cost – one of the most powerful feature is the cost. The price not includes the original purchases but is also inclusive of maintenance and subscription charges. And spending a significant amount on this will also be not a healthy option for your pocket and so always look for something which is cost effective and that too on a longer run.
  • Resolution – what is a point of installing a camera which cannot give you a sharp and clear image? Well always check that the camera has an excellent resolution and is capable of capturing the slightest movement even during the dimmest light condition.

#3 Conclusion

SMONET has been serving with its great range of security systems for over ten years now.  Their manufacturing of products and skills to enhance the devices with the growing demand is what has made it sustain in the market with such a high competition. Every device has some unique trait which is engineered specially to cater to different needs as per the spaces of the people around. With this, the list of best cameras by this brand is made so that you get a one stop shop for your search with all the specifications.


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