TOP 10 Best Video Doorbell Reviews September 2021


Best Video Doorbell Reviews : If you are concerned about strangers suddenly getting access to your home when you unknowingly open the door, then it is high time that you get a video doorbell and get some peace of mind.

A video doorbell is basically a WiFi-enabled device with motion detectors. It can record the activities and the ones with a microphone speaker combination allow you to speak to the person at the other end of your door. The Best Video Doorbell will have all the features clubbed into one.

If you are planning to get one, then you can take a look at this article of ours where we have reviewed a few products that you will find in some of the Best Video Doorbell Reviews.


#1 Best Video Doorbell Reviews September 2021

#1 Ring Video Doorbell with HD VideoRing-Video-Doorbell-2-with-HD-Video

Remember security starts from the main door. So, install this Ring Video Doorbell with HD Video today and keep your loved ones safe. The Ring Best Video Doorbell Pro has built-in motion sensors that ensures you get alerts on your phone, PC or tablet by adjusting your motion zones.

This rectangular-shaped device comes in a gorgeous satin nickel color that perfectly blends with your exteriors. It is fitted with a camera that produces 720p HD image quality. It also allows you to enjoy live views in your phone, PC or tablet by connecting your Wi-Fi to the Ring app.

Its two-way talking feature allows you easily converse with the person at the other end of the door and understand the need of opening the door. Connect it with Alexa and make this task easier.

You can not only record all your videos and review them later but also share them with others if required. The video doorbell can be connected to the existing doorbell wiring or powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. The pack comes with all the tools required for the installation of the doorbell in minutes.

A total number of reviews by 53392 users automatically tagsit as the Best Video Doorbell that you would come across.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Works with Alexa
  • Infrared night vision
  • Two-way talk for added convenience
  • Motion-activated alerts on your phone
  • HD video quality with wide viewing angle
  • The app that it connects to is awful
  • The doorbell sound is really irritating

#2 Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video


This Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video is an awesome device that comes with two different complementary facial plates one Satin Nickel and the other is Venetian to match your mood and exteriors.

The device is rectangular in shape and is fitted with a camera of 1080p HD resolution that also offers live view. The video doorbell can be completely controlled from your phone or tablet with the help of a smart Ring app.

A stable Wi-Fi connection ensures that you keep getting notifications on your phone or PC even on the detection of slight movement.

Communicate with your visitor easily with the help of its 2-way communicating feature. The device supports few privacy features like audio privacy and customizable privacy zones.

The fact that it can be seamlessly connected to the existing doorbell wiring or powered by the quick-release rechargeable battery pack makes Installing Ring Doorbell a cakewalk.
You will come across a review of 27536 customers in Amazon making it the Best Video Doorbell to go for.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Works with Alexa
  • Night vision facility
  • Motion-activated alerts
  • Interchangeable faceplates
  • HD quality videos with live view
  • Powered by a quick-release rechargeable battery
  • Includes installation tools and a USB charging cable
  • Poor battery life
  • Delay in initiating the recording
  • The white ring LEDs are too bright thus inviting attention

#3 Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera


If you are looking for an outdoor video doorbell then you can opt for thisBlink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera. Its IP65-rated weather-resistant feature can withstand all rough elements of weather. Not only outdoors, but it is also equally fit for indoor use.

This Blink Video Doorbell is black and rectangular in shape. Now record and view 1080p HD video quality in the daytime and also in dark. The smart device gives you the option to set your own activity zones to receive important alerts.

The video doorbell lets you talk to the visitors from your phone or tablet through the Blink app. Thanks to the extended 2-year battery life and the free cloud storage that allows you to enjoy all the features seamlessly.

The device can be easily setup without any tools or wiring and neither would you require any professional installation. The rating of 21100 customers in Amazon makesit the Best Video Doorbell that you can opt for.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Works with Alexa
  • Simple to set up
  • Night vision feature
  • Free Cloud storage included
  • Customizable motion detection
  • Comes with 2-year battery life
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • High-quality images with live-view recording
  • Poor signal strength
  • Can’t execute manually request to capture

#4 eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell


Enjoy ultimate privacy with this eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell that stores that data locally with military-grade AES 256-Bit data encryption and transmits it only to you.

It also works based on AI technology and other sophisticated algorithms that helps the camera intelligently detect the body shape and face pattern of human and prevents any kind of false alerts. All these together make it the Best Video Doorbellthat you can consider buying.

This black-colored video doorbell has a camera that produces Crystal-Clear 2K HD images of 2560 x 1920 resolutions. This together with the advanced HDR and Distortion Correction feature ensures the video quality is 2-times better quality than any ordinary camera.Now you have the liberty to speak with anyone who knocks at your front door with its 2-way audio feature.

The best part about this eufy Video Doorbell is that it comes with a free wireless chime that supports 8 holiday-themed ringtones that are fun to play and has an adjustable volume level.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Weather-proof
  • Free wireless chime
  • Get alerts before the doorbell rings
  • Receive facial snapshot notifications
  • A local storage facility with no monthly fees
  • Compatible with AlexaProduces clear and bigger view images
  • Dependable on eufy servers that are very unstable

#5 Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video


This RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video sends you motion alerts even before your visitor presses the doorbell. You can even select areas of motion detection that you feel are important.

It is a rectangular-shaped device with curved edges that comes in a dark-gray shade with a blue ring style LED indicator. Now stream high-quality HD images and videos with its 180º wide-angle view camera. Also, monitor your front door day and night with its infrared night vision.

Now be it your smartphone or tablet you can use it to communicate with the person outside your door with the help of its 2-way audio system.

Being powered by existing doorbell wiring you get to enjoy 24-hours surveillance without any interruption. This Video Doorbell without Subscription can record and save any kind of motion activity for up to 3 days, thanks to its free cloud storage.

Altogether we can say, it is a Best Video Doorbell that you can opt for strengthening the security at home.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Multiple viewer access
  • Night monitoring feature
  • Instant push notifications
  • Captures high-quality HD video
  • Adjustable sensitivity of the motion sensors
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT enabled
  • Network issue
  • The app is poorly designed
  • Difficult to adjust the motion detection zone

#6 Arlo Video Doorbell


Take your personal security to a new level with this Arlo Video Doorbell that is designed in such a way that it can capture what regular video doorbells can’t. It has the ability to focus on a person from head to toe with its 180° diagonal viewing angle.

It is an elongated oval-shaped device that is black in color with a white border. It can capture detailed video in HD with HDR and night vision that ensures you can view even in low light conditions.

This video doorbell lets you see videos even before the motion is triggered so that you don’t miss out on an important moment. Its 2-way audio system helps you quickly respond to the visitor at your doorstep and also has the ability to respond with a pre-recorded message when you are busy.

Being weather-resistant it can be installed both indoors and outdoors as it can withstand the heat, rain, or snow. One negative thing about this product is it is an expensive piece. If you feel this call for a big investment, then you can think of opting for an Affordable Solar Surveillance Camera.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Works with Alexa
  • Weather-resistant
  • Has a built-in siren
  • Features night vision
  • Sends pre-recorded reply messages
  • The camera produces HD quality videos
  • Expensive
  • Poorly written instructions
  • It requires a paid subscription to watch the recorded videos

#7 Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro


Now with Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro, you can easily communicate with your visitors with the help of its 2-way built-in speaker and microphone.

This rectangle Wireless Video Doorbell comes with a blue ring LED indicator. It includes two interchangeable faceplates; black and silver that would match perfectly with your home exteriors. The HD camera has a resolution of 1920x1080p together with a super-wide 140° viewing angle. The night vision lets you see in the dark up to a distance of 16 feet.

On installing the app its motion sensor sends you intelligent instant motion detection alerts through your email or pushnotifications. The device runs on a Wi-Fi of 2.4GHz to make this above feature seamless.

Now you can safely store your HD clippings to the Amcrest Smart Home Cloud storage or internally in a MicroSD card that is expandable up to 128GB. Since it is not battery-operated, you can power it from the existing doorbell wiring.

In case you go for some other video doorbell that doesn’t support a night vision that you should invest in a Light Bulb Security Camera and install it outside your main door to keep the area illuminated.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Simple installation
  • Night vision feature
  • Sends smart motion alerts
  • Offers flexible storage space
  • Includes two interchangeable faceplates
  • Excellent image quality with a better coverage area
  • It is not battery-powered
  • To run, it requires a continuous connection to the Cloud

#8 UOKIERWiFi Video Doorbell Camera, Wireless Security Doorbell


Do you often miss out important moments, then you should definitely go for this UOKIER Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera, Wireless Security Doorbell that ensures that the doorbell camera can record both audios and videos and store them when your mobile is not with you. This smart device also allows you to add your family member’s account to help you share in groups or watch them later.

It features a black with a gray border and rounded edges along with a blue square-shaped LED indicator. Its camera can capture 1080P HD quality videos with a 166° wide viewing angle. The night vision function can capture a clear image in the dark.

Its upgraded motion sensor gets activated only anything human-shaped in about thus reducing chances of false alarm. Its 2-way audio function allows you to talk to your visitor whenever required. You can also set 30 voice messages as an instant replyoption.

There are two built-in long-lasting batteries in this video doorbell that can be charged with the USB cable provided in the pack. The device supports cloud storage and internal storage with its preinstalled 32 GB TF card.

This Outdoor Home Security Camera is certified IP65 waterproof and thus can resist any kind of harsh weather. The screws and adhesive glue included in the package makes it easy to install.

You may already have a Peephole Security Camera for Apartment but this video doorbell is a technologically advanced device. Once you install it then you will understand the basic difference.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Has a card name slot
  • Excellent video quality
  • Smart motion detection
  • IP65 waterproof certified
  • Auto night vision feature
  • Auto night vision feature
  • Comes with an indoor chime
  • Supports Cloud Storage and memory card storage
  • Comes with long-lasting battery rechargeable batteries
  • NA

#9 eRing Video Doorbell Wi-Fi Smart


Whether you are at work, on vacation, or traveling for any other reason with the help of today’s latest technology you can monitor your family and protect your home anytime, from anywhere. This eRing Video Doorbell Wi-Fi Smart is an ideal device to serve this purpose and it also authorizes up to 5 users to access the smart app.

It comes in a half black and half white combination in an oval and elongated shape. Its camera has a 1080P HD resolution with a wide-angle for capturing real-time video. There is also an infrared light that will automatically turn on in low light conditions.

The 2-way audio comes with noise cancellation lets you communicate with the visitors anytime via the video intercom. This noise cancellation feature produces a much clear and audible sound.

The device sends you immediate alerts in the form of push notifications to your phone whenever it detects motion. You can select this Motion Sensitivity Settings between low, medium and high motion sensitivity as per your need.

The recordings can be stored in both Cloud and SD cards. Together with this device installing a Reinforcement Door Lock can be a good idea. The fact that the device is priced at only XX$, you will easily come across this model in any of the Best Video Doorbell Reviews.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Share with multi-user
  • 2-Way Audio with noise cancellation
  • Clear images both during day and night
  • Supports both SD Card and Cloud Storage
  • Motion detection with motion sensitivity settings
  • NA

#10 [Owlet Home] WiFi Video Doorbell


Are you fed up with changing the batteries of your video doorbell frequently? Then with this Owlet Home-WiFi Video Doorbell, you can now rest peacefully. The device features an ultra-low power consumption design that can work for 2-4 months depending on your setting. Its rechargeable batteries can be charged with the help of a USB cable provided in the pack.

This rectangular-shaped with rounded edges comes in a silver metallic finish and has a blue ring LED indicator. The camera has a 720p resolution with a 166 degrees HD wide-angle view and the night vision to capture images even in the dark.

The two-way audio and live video feature can be initiated with the visitors anytime. You can receive instant alerts and messages on your mobile phone or tablet whenever someone presses the doorbell or any motion is detected.

Being wire-free, it is easy to set up. The IP64 rating protects the device from both dust and water.

It is available at a very reasonable rate of XX$ in Amazon that improves its chances of being present in the Best Video Doorbell Reviews. If you are really concerned about the security of your home then you should also go for a Sliding Door Security Bar.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Supports 3 kinds of wake-up mode
  • Ultra-low-power consumption mode
  • Wide-angle lens for a better view
  • IP64 Waterproof and splash-resistant
  • Connected through 2.4G wireless network
  • High-quality camera with night vision feature
  • Defective chime
  • Creates false alarm
  • Camera often malfunctions

#2 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Video Doorbell

• Camera and video –Go for a video doorbell that has a camera with a good resolution and night vision so that it works effectively both day and night. Typically, they have a resolution ranging from 720p to 1080p. Most doorbell cameras offer HD video quality that can capture crisp and clear images and videos.

• Installation – Before purchasing one you should always check whether the device you are opting for is compatible with your existing doorbell and also if you can install it on your own or it requires some help.

Most of the latest modern devices are easy to install by simply following the instruction leaflet.

• Notifications – A good quality video doorbell is that which is able to capture every moment in front of your house’s main door. It wouldn’t even wait for someone to ring the doorbell but send you a notification to your mobile just by detecting the movement.

If you are looking for such an advanced device you should look it in some of the Best Video Doorbell Reviews.

• Power source –It is usually recommended that you go for a wired video doorbell that doesn’t require changing or recharging batteries. The electric power source is something reliable as it ensures uninterrupted live video feeds and captures images throughout the day.

In the case of a battery-powered device, they go off in a sleep mode most of the time in order to save energy.

• Connectivity – When it comes to connectivity choosing the right video doorbell is really important. The device should be able to seamlessly pair up with your Wi-Fi device thus continuously allowing audio and video streaming without any interruption or without affecting the quality of the video or audio clips.

• Storage –Video doorbells can either have a local storage facility with SD card included the size of which can be extended. Some devices offer cloud storage facility that can be either free or against a monthly subscription offering ultimate security and privacy.

• Mobile App support -If the video doorbell works based on an app, check whether it is compatible with your mobile phone and supports seamless connectivity. Also, this app should support multiple user operations thus allowing your other family members to connect to it.

#3 Conclusion

If you have taken a close look at our article, you must have noticed that most of them have a rating between 4 and 4.5 ratings in Amazon. Remember, video doorbells are available in different shapes and sizes.

The bulky models with limited color options are less expensive while the expensive models are feature- rich and come in different finishes that blend perfectly with your home exteriors.

Also, remember, video doorbells with local storage don’t come with the option of recorded video, so you will have to opt for a cloud service to view the motion-triggered video clips. These subscription charges varies from one brand to another.

In this article, we have picked some of the best models so that you can make an easy choice while selecting a video doorbell for your house.


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