TOP 8 Best YI 4K Action Camera Reviews September 2021


Best YI 4K Action Camera Reviews : Are you wondering what an action camera is? It is very similar to a normal camera and used for capturing photos and videos. It also comes in a compact size and can be mounted anywhere. Unlike regular cameras, action cameras are accompanied by a range of accessories with the help of which you can attach them to handlebars helmets or take them underwater.

Action cameras add life to your photos and videos so that your friends and family see experience exactly what you see when you take a plunge down a mountain or take a dive underwaters. Most action cameras have a wider lens that allows you to capture wider images. In this guide, we will share with a list of the best YI 4K Action Camera that will help you make a wise decision while making the purchase.


#2 Best YI 4K Action Camera Reviews 2021

#1 YI 4K+ Action Camera


This black colored textured YI 4K Plus Action Camera is the world’s first action camera that has the ability to record 4K/60fps video. The in-built Sony IMX377 image sensor can capture 12MP images and videos of high-quality full HD footage. Also, the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) feature delivers steady and smooth videos even while shooting fast-moving objects.

The Ultra-responsive 2.2” Gorilla Glass retina touchscreen not only offers crystal clear bright images but also allows easy navigation, convenient mode switching, etc.

This travel camcorder is packed with many other excellent features like built-in Bluetooth Low Energy, RAW image capture, external type-C microphone support, Wi-Fi, voice control mode, USB-C connector, etc. Its 1200mAh high capacity Lithium Polymer battery offers good backup supports. The product offers a one-year manufacturer warranty.

#2 YI Action Camera (US Edition) White


This YI 1080p Home Camera is a white-colored pocket-sized high-performance device that equips you for any kind of photography. Whether you are a photographer or a movie director this action camera with an in-built Ambarella A7LS processor proves to be really handy.

The Sony all-glass 16MP sensor with an F2.8 aperture along with image stabilization feature promises crisp and clear 16MP photos even in low light conditions. With its 155° ultra-wide-angle lens the camera is able to shoot visually captivating videos at 1080p. This camera has eleven video modes and four image modes.

It supports real-time streaming and you can control the camera and adjust the settings remotely through the YI Camera App. Some of its other features are leading image processor, 3D noise and blur reduction, motion compensation, built-in Wi-Fi, microphone and Bluetooth.

The camera has a micro SD card storage along with an 1100 mAh rechargeable battery that gives a backup of 90 minutes. In spite of being loaded with so many exclusive features, it is priced at only $XX.XX in Amazon and thus can be tagged as the best YI 4K Action Camera.

#3 YI M1 4K 20 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera


This YI Technology 4K Action Camera comes in an elegant pearl white color and the imaging technology of its mirrorless lens helps you see the world in a new way altogether. Its 20MP Sony image sensor delivers images and videos of unprecedented quality. It is a lighter and portable camera model which is equally effective. With the help of the MFT lens mount, you can attach more than 50 different lenses.

Its innovative design helped it win the 2017 Red Dot Design Awards. It is made of thermoplastic elastomer skin-friendly material coated with a scratch-resistant finish. Apart from the physical buttons, you can also operate it through the multi-screen touch. The 3D noise reduction feature can help you capture crisp and clear videos without any background noise.

Its seamless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi connection help you share your images and videos effortlessly. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, the YI Mirrorless app lets you capture perfect moments every time. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

#4 YI 4K Lite Action Camera


If you are looking for a best YI 4K Action & Sport Camera then this one can be a perfect choice. This black colored slim compact body action camera comes with a YI Technology Lite that supports both simple and advanced camera actions. Its 150° wide-angle lens along with a Sony image sensor produces crisp and clear videos and photos. It supports image stabilization to capture smooth action.

Its cutting-edge technology with Hisilicon Hi3556 chipset allows you to click high-resolution video recording. Its Electronic Image Stabilization with 9 shooting modes ensures that you get to click smooth and steady action videos.

The YI Lite action camera is designed with an ultra-responsive 2.2” Gorilla Glass touchscreen that saves it from scratches and any impact. The dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allows fast and easy sharing. The pack includes a lot of useful accessories which together makes it the best YI 4K Action Camera.

#5 YI 4K Action and Sports Camera


This white colored elegant piece is probably the best YI 4K Action Camera when it comes to the image quality. Its Ambarella dual-core A9SE75 and build-in Sony image sensor together records excellent 12MP raw image. Being equipped with the advanced video stabilization (EIS) it can capture super-smooth footage.

The camera features a 2.2” high intuitive LCD touchscreen allows easy setting, shooting and previewing at a finger touch. Being made of 2.19 inches Gorilla Glass Retina it is scratch resistant and also proof from any kind of big impact. The unique voice command feature also makes shooting extremely fun and definitely easy.

This all-in-one action camera by YI has a high-quality finish and glam look not only makes it ideal for shooting amazing photos and videos but also makes it an ideal fashion accessory.

This action camera has the ability to combine 30 4K video recording. You can effortlessly view it from a 160° angle. Its widescreen lets you take perfect shots and enjoy quick and easy previewing too.

The camera comes with a high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has the ability to record with only a single charge. The excellent cooling system of this model also prevents YI 4K Action Camera from being overheated. The built-in Bluetooth proves to be an excellent instant sharing facility. The YI Action App is to instantly edit and share photo and video and live stream to social media.

So, overall it is a complete package which has been reviewed by 938 customers and it has earned a rating of 4 out of 5 stars that make it a super hit.

#6 YI Action Camera, Discovery 4K WiFi Underwater Camera


The device comes with two rechargeable batteries so it will never run out of power. It also supports recording while charging. Being accompanied by a good number of free accessories this can be a great option when you think of action cameras.

#7 YI 4K 20MP Mirrorless Digital Camera with LCD Touchscreen


Get ready to capture the perfect moment with one of the best YI 4K Action Cameras. This action camera is innovatively designed using silver-colored thermoplastic elastomer skin-friendly material that has a scratch-resistant outer coating. Along with the different physical buttons, you can also operate it through its LCD multi-touch screen.

With all the super cool features like most YI action cameras, it would highly impress you with its incredibly clear 20MP still images capturing minute details and exceptional video quality. It comes with the latest firmware update an MFT lens mount allowing you to attach more than 50 different lenses.

The camera comes with 6 sets of optical glasses along with two high precision aspheric lenses that minimize the distortion seen in some lenses. It has a focus motor having a screw mechanism that enables faster and quieter focus. By downloading the Master Guide templates through the YI Mirrorless app you can start shooting easily. Its Auto Parameters, Composition Templates and Auto Photo Editing helps you to learn and adapt faster to your shooting environment.

#8 YI 4K Action and Sports Camera with EIS


When we talk of an outdoor YI Outdoor Camera, nothing can beat this YI 4K Action and Sports Camera. This white colored action camera features a single control button and rear 2.19″ LCD touchscreen with a control interface. Since it incorporates all the latest features like most other YI action cameras, capturing photos with it is really fun and easy.

One of the additional features you get to enjoy here is 360° dual omnidirectional highly sensitive that provides much clearer audios even in noisy environments. Also, this camera is equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi that enables file transfers and video editing at a lightning-fast speed. This sturdy piece comes with a 1400mAh battery that provides a backup of 120 minutes of 4K video recording. The product comes with a mini 12″ Flexible Tripod with Ballhead and a 32GB Ultra micro SDHC Memory Card.

#2 Things to Consider before Buying the YI 4K Best Action Camera

To buy an action camera, you need to consider a lot of elements. Any of the best YI 4K Action Camera reviews can guide you in this regard. Some of the factors are as follows:

  • The Storage Space – Definitely while purchasing an action camera you would go for one having a decent storage space. A camera should have a good internal memory but also a slot for inserting micro SD cards for that added memory space. If you are opting for a best YI 4K Action Camera then you should note that its videos will take up more space.
  • The Accessories Included – Some of the attachments you would require to use an action camera are handlebar attachment, underwater cover, headcam attachment, windscreen attachment, remote control, etc. You should look for a camera that includes most of the accessories. While purchasing a YI Action Camera accessories are equally important.
  • Check the Video Quality –If you are purchasing it just for capturing videos and uploading them then a good zoom range along with a wide lens should be enough. But if you want to shoot films then factors like image resolution, software compatibility, image-capturing capability, frame rate, etc. play a major role. This is one of the Best Security Camera Reviews that will act as the best guide for you.
  • Its Underwater Resistance – One great thing about action cameras is they can be put inside waterproof cases and used to take underwater images. So, you should ensure that your camera can go up to a depth of at least 30 to 50 meters in depth but this underwater.
  • Check if it is High Definition (HD) or Ultra HD – Purchasing an action camera ensures that get to capture high-quality videos. HD or 1080p offers a resolution of 1920×1080. A 4K or Ultra HD camera offers bigger resolution and the images are clearer and can be enlarged without being pixelated.
  • Wind Noise Reduction – When enjoying car or bike rides or hiking there would always be some wind noise. To overcome this issue, action cameras nowadays come with dual stereo microphones on different sides of the camera that works together to help differentiate between wind noise and actual sound and eliminates the unwanted noise.
  • Touchscreen – Many action cameras nowadays have a touchscreen. In case of an action camera, this feature can be really useful as it allows convenient navigation, mode change, customizing the settings, etc.
  • Connectivity – Apart from the regular connectivity features like Bluetooth or WiFi, you should be able to take out the SD card and transfer the photos to your system or phone.
  • Battery Type and Longevity – Action camera batteries can be of two types removable and one that is integrated into the camera. It is better to go for removable batteries as you won’t need to plug in your camera for charging it every time.

#3 Conclusion

Just by purchasing a good quality action camera is not enough. Since for a photographer it is a kind of investment, you should take good care of the device which would add to its longevity.

When not in use for a long time, you should take out the batteries from the camera and keep them separately. Another good habit is, to keep the action camera switched off when not in use. Keeping it on always heats the device and also reduces its efficiency. Also storing the action camera in a separate bag saves it from impact, scratches, dust, etc. You can also keep the accessories in the same bag thus making it more organized and convenient.


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