TOP 5 Best YI Outdoor Camera to Buy in September 2021


Outdoor security cameras are believed to be one of the ideal safety devices to keep your property safe. In order to commit a crime, any person will have to get into the premises and pass by the outside of the building. By installing outdoor security cameras, you can ensure that you have the footage of everyone who tries to enter your premises with any ill intent. For ultimate security, you can rely on a YI Outdoor Security Camera.

YI has been working on it for four long years to bring you some of the best YI Outdoor Cameras. The models are beautifully crafted with cutting-edge technology. Their cameras act as a 24×7 personal guard that are easy to install. Though the brand YI is a newcomer in this field they are always coming up with something new in the home security segment.

For an in-depth idea, you can go through some of the Best YI Outdoor Camera Reviews. In our article also, we have reviewed some of the best products rated between 3.5 to 4.5 stars on Amazon.

Best YI Outdoor Camera Reviews

#1 Best YI Outdoor Cameras

#1 Yi 1080p Outdoor Security Camera

Yi 1080p Outdoor Security Camera

For excellent quality images outside you can trust on this Yi Security Camera Outdoor. Its 1080p HD camera together with a 110° view captures crystal clear pictures from every direction.

This bullet Security Camera by YI features a lightweight plastic casing that is white in color. There are 12 infrared LED beads that offer a night time viewing distance of up to 50 feet in excellent low light performance. It comes with a 360° noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone that allows you to communicate with unwanted guests.

It sends motion-activated alerts on your phone. The product comes with a YI cloud with a 1-month free trial offering the highest protection of data. Its universal ball mount helps you get clarity in every direction. Being weather-resistant it is an excellent outdoor option.

Being reviewed by 8643 users it has made its place in some of the Best YI Outdoor Camera Reviews.

#1 Key features:

• 1080p HD resolution
• Night vision
• Human and motion Detection Sensor
• 110° viewing angle
• Two-way audio
• YI Cloud storage
• IP65 weatherproof rating
• Wi-Fi connectivity
• Optional 24×7 emergency response service
• Works with Alexa

#2 YI Outdoor IP Surveillance Camera

YI Outdoor IP Surveillance Camera

With the one-touch feature of this YI Outdoor Security Camera with 6-Month Cloud Service, you get immediately connected with the Noonlight’s Certified Dispatchers that communicate to the police, fire or EMS about your home even when you are away.

This battery-powered YI 1080p Outdoor Camera has a metal casing and is white in color. The 1080p resolution camera together with a 110° lens and a universal ball mount provides ultimate clarity in every direction.

There is a 360° noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone that enables two-way audio. The 12 850nm infrared LED beads offer first-class night vision up to a distance of 50 feet in the pitch dark. Its highly sensitive algorithms minimise the chances of false alerts. Being weather-resistant it can resist all the tough elements of weather.

#1 Key features:

• 1080p resolution camera
• 110° view
• 12 infrared LED beads offer night vision
• 360° noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone
• Motion Detection
• IP65 waterproof rating
• universal ball mount
• Both local and Cloud storage
• Compatible with Alexa
• Optional 24/7 Emergency Response Service

#3 YI Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera

YI Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera

This Outdoor Security 1080P Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera allows you to record a 4-hour long video and then compress it into a 20-second short video. This gives you access to the live-view and playback the videos from your phone or computer whenever you want.

This wall-mount outdoor bullet security camera is protected with white metal housing. It is equipped with a 1080P HD lens with a large 120° viewing angle. In its night vision mode, it offers a range of up to 50ft that gives a clear view of the surroundings.

It features human detection and sends alerts to your phone whenever it detects any motion. The device also sends sound alerts on detecting motion. Since it works with Alexa and Echo it allows you to communicate with the people at the front door or backyard with voice command.

It supports storage up to 128GB Micro in an SD card along with which you also get a 30-day Cloud trial for free. The device supports Wi-Fi and LAN connections.

Share the camera with up to 5 family members that help you to monitor the house conveniently. The IP66 weatherproof metal housing ensures the outdoor camera works well even during storms and snowfall.

The reasonable price of XX$ helps it secure a position in some of the Best YI Outdoor Camera Reviews.

#1 Key features:

• 1080p HD resolution Wi-Fi camera
• 120° viewing angle
• 50ft Night Vision
• Human detection
• Two-Way Audio
• Sound alert
• Live streaming
• Multi-user sharing
• Time-lapse supports custom recording lengths
• IP66 waterproof metal housing
• Compatible with Alexa
• 30 Days Cloud Trial and 128GB Local Storage

#4 Yi Indoor and Outdoor Security Camera Bundle

Yi Indoor and Outdoor Security Camera Bundle

This Yi Indoor and Outdoor Security Camera Bundle pack include 2 items that will fulfill both your indoor and outdoor needs. There is an indoor baby monitor and an outdoor security camera.

The indoor camera is a smart Wi-Fi wireless nanny IP cam that features a 1080p camera offering night vision and 2-way audio. Its AI-powered human detection or motion detection alerts can be set as per the sensitivity levels from high to low.

This would help in eliminating false alarms caused by flying insects, light changes, small pets, etc. It works with Alexa and Google Echo. Its reliable Wi-Fi connectivity helps you control the device even when you are not at home. It also supports multiple views from a single account.

The device allows you to store data up to 64GB in an SD card also on Cloud for free up to a certain period. The YI Home Outdoor Camera is also equipped with a 1080p Full HD camera having a 110° lens and mounted on a universal ball mount. It is fitted with 12 infrared night-vision LED Beads that allow you to view up to a distance of 50ft even in low light.

Its motion-activated sensor sends app notifications on your phone right away. There is a 360° noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone that eliminates excess environmental noise and produces a quality sound so that you can communicate with the guests clearly.

This outdoor Wi-Fi camera is weather-resistant and can easily withstand the tough elements of weather. The Cloud storage facility allows you to safely take back up of the footage.

#1 Key features:

• 1080p HD resolution Wi-Fi camera
• AI-powered human detected alert
• You can share it with up to 5 family members or friends
• Works With Alexa
• Supports Cloud and local storage
• 110° lens
• Weather-resistant
• 12 infrared LED Beads for night vision
• Two-way audio
• 24/7 emergency response service
• 1-month free trial YI cloud storage

#2 Best YI Outdoor Camera Buyer’s Guide

To know what the things are you need to consider while buying an outdoor security camera you should go through some of the Best YI Outdoor Camera Reviews. Below mentioned are some of the factors:

Picture clarity – When it comes to a surveillance camera, picture quality is really important. So, go for a camera with a higher resolution of at least 1080p and having high-definition (HD) technology.

The HD technology aids the security camera produces higher quality video with a greater amount of details. So, for crystal clear quality images and videos always opt for the Best Outdoor Security Camera.

The viewing angle – An outdoor security camera with a bigger viewing angle covers a larger area and therefore you need a lesser number of cameras.

Motion detection technology – Outdoor cameras must come with motion detection technology. This ensures that the camera does not keep recording hours of footage where nothing happens instead, it only gets triggered and starts recording only when it detects any movement.

Night vision – Since this camera is installed outdoors where normally the light is not sufficient at night. Hence, to get the highest possible quality image you would need a high number of infrared LEDs with a good coverage range.

Two-way audio – When you want to communicate through the camera, then you would need this two-way audio feature that allows the voice at both ends to be audible.

Compatibility with your phone – By connecting your camera to your phone you can operate it remotely and receive alerts even if you are not present at home. Here, if you are OK with paying a certain amount of fee you can enjoy the Cloud storage facility. This will help you take a look at the footage clips later as per your need smoothly.

Wired or Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi cameras as you can make out are easier to install as they need not be located near an Ethernet port nor do they require any wiring. A battery-powered Wi-Fi security camera can be placed anywhere and it easily connects to your Wi-Fi router. Go for models with rechargeable batteries that can be charged with a USB.

Weather-proof – A weather-proof rating helps an outdoor security camera to withstand any extreme weather conditions, like scorching heat, heavy rain, wind and even snow. So, it is recommended that you go for a camera with a rating of IP65 or IP66.

Only selecting the best security camera is not enough to get the best coverage, but you also need to know the ideal Places to install Outdoor Security Camera.

#3 Conclusion

Whenever it comes to the security aspect, there should be no compromise. Some people tend to invest in used security as they are available at a cheaper price. But here you should remember that used cameras are not safe as it is easier for the attackers to hack the device and spy on you. You should also be careful not to purchase a home security system from unknown vendors.

Now that you have gone through our article, you must be convinced that YI is one of the top brands using the latest technology in the market of outdoor security cameras that can prove you ultimate protection. So, pick any of the models that we have reviewed from the above list.


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