How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside?


Installing a security camera outside the house is not a tough job with the latest models of plug-in security cameras available today in the market. It is fairly easy and you don’t even need the help of a professional for setting it up. But the actual challenge here is hiding the wires of the surveillance camera.

While installing the security camera hiding the wires is really important.The ugly and clumsy wires not only spoil the aesthetic appeal of the property but they also turn out to be an easy target for the thieves who can cut the wires and cease the power supply to the camera thus turning the camera useless.


How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside?

Today, you will come across a number of effective ways to hide the wires of the security camera, but then you should consider the location of the camera. So, if you have finally got yourself a high-quality surveillance camera after checking some of the Security Camera Reviews and decided to install it on your own you can consider the following points that will help you successfully hide the wires:

  • Paint the wires – Panting the wires to match the color of the walls is a brilliant idea. This is probably the simplest way to hide the messy wires of any security camera outside the house. Firstly, you need to bring together the wires with the help of a clip or tape neatly along the wall so that they stay together and then paint them with similar color as that of the backdrop. This not only beautifies the look of that particular area but also improves security. In this way, the wires would no longer be visible to the intruders. You can here opt for flat camera cables that would perfectly sit along the wall and become almost invisible after being painted.
  • Go for wires that are of similar color as the wall – If you think the painting job could be tough or cumbersome then you can go for same colored wires for the camera as that of your walls. Normally, camera wires are available in different colors so picking one shade that goes perfectly with the color of the wall of your house shouldn’t be difficult.
  • Try using plastic casing to conceal the wires – This method is not so easy rather a bit complicated. This needs to be done at the time of construction of the house. Here, a plastic tube is run through the wall and later the wire can be passed through this tube and taken to its destination. In this method, the wires remain completely hidden. This method not only gives a neat and tidy look to the area but also protects the camera wires from all kinds of external damage by bad weather, intruders or even animals.The only set back of this method is, in the case of any emergencies the wires are tough to assess and you need to take the help of some professional.
  • Install the wires within the false-ceiling – Today there are a huge number of HighQuality Indoor Camera in the Market. But only getting one would not serve your purpose. You need to think of smart installation procedures to save it from the evil eyes of the intruders. If there is a false ceiling in your house, you can easily run through it and conceal the wires. All you need to do is find a gap in the ceiling and insert the cables through it. This method is known to work best in hiding the cables of the security cameras. Here, the wires are fully undetectable. This is the best way when the camera is on the other side of the wall as you can avoid drilling.
  • Conceal the cables inside the baseboards – When if you purchase a Top Rated Wired Security Camera if the wires are seen the entire show of the device is spoil. So, you can try hiding the wires inside the base boards that run along the walls on the floor. This gives the space a tidy look. These baseboards can be removed as and when required and place them back in position.
  • Try burying the wires in your garden or porch – Though this seems to be a very good option, but a lot of effort is required here. The best way to get it done is, bury the cables during the construction. In this way, you can avoid any kind of a mess.
  • Construct-table run through the building – This is again a tough job that requires the help of a professional. The cable run is built around the building with covers, plastic pipes,making mounts for the cameras, drilling holes inside the walls and many other ways. Once this cable run is built and the structure is complete you can easily set up the security system and run the wires through them concealed and protected.
  • Go for a Wireless Security Camera System – Opting for Yi Outdoor Security Cameras is, in fact, the best way to get rid of all the cables and wires of a security camera. These wireless security cameras either run on batteries or with solar-based charger systems. All you have to do is, mount the camera in a suitable place, turn on its power button and this wireless system will automatically connect to the main hub. It is true, that the wireless systems are comparatively expensive, but you will realize that they are actually worth it as they save you from all the hassle of concealing the wires. With time these wireless security cameras are getting affordable.

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