How to Install Outdoor Security Camera Wiring?


If you have decided to get a Wired Security Camera System for your house, it involved a complete setup. Yes, you can take the help of a professional person, but you can do the same by yourself if you don’t want to. If you are looking for a complete guide on installing a wired Home Security Camera System, your answer hides in this post.

Here, we have chosen my system, but more or less installation procedure is almost the same. The wired camera system comes with a DVR that captures your video 24*7 and erase old video footage to free the space in the hard disk once it gets full. So, let’s start with the requirements.

How to Install Outdoor Security Camera Wiring

#1 What Do You Need For Wired Security Camera System?

Unlike Wireless Security Camera System, you need few tools and items for the wired camera system, which includes

• Ethernet cable
• Power drill
• Steel fish tape and masking tape
• Baluns
• Camera and DVR with hard disk
• A monitor, mouse, and keyboard

#2 How To Set Up A Wired Camera System?

A wired camera system needs a proper connection which consists of a camera and a DVR box. A DVR box stores video footage captured by the camera system. Now A camera is connected to DVR using an analog camera system or BNC cable.

As cameras are directly plugged into the DVR box, you need a wired connection between these two. Why? Because you install your camera outside your home and you place your DVR inside your house. Now connecting both things through the wire is a bit complicated, and for that, you need a house plan to route the cable.

Inside your house, a DVR box is plugged into a power outlet. Here your DVR connects to an external monitor to see the live view of all cameras. Even you can see past recordings with the help of specific software.

#3 Steps To Setup Home Security Camera System:

Step #1: Decide the location

For my place, the best place to mount my camera is the front gate area as it covers my main gate and road. Same you have to decide Where to Install Security Camera according to your house plan.

For wired security cameras, the limiting factor is caballing. It is not enough to determine the place and mount your camera. You have to find out the route from the camera to the DVR box. That is why instead of the outside wall, you can mount it somewhere more feasible place like the front porch’s ceiling. It is just an example. You know your house better than anyone else.

Step #2: Camera installation preparation

Once you decide on the camera location, you need some tools to install it. Essential tools are power drills and drill bits for wood, drywall, or aluminum. However, if you are mounting your camera on another hard surface, you need a hammer and masonry drill bits.

Start with marking a hole where the camera’s cable will pass through, and the camera’s mounting screw will go. Use proper kits to make your work easier. Next, take the power drill and drill where the mounting screw will go. In the center, drill a bigger hole to pass the cable.

Step #3: Run cable for each location

You are not setting up the only single camera at your house. It means multiple cameras need multiple writing. Here, things might be different for you, but in most cases, you need to drill holes through walls or ceilings.

It will go from my celling to the corner of the walls and then to DVR for my camera cable. Now this work will be a lot easier if you have steel fish tape as it is hard to locate the edge of the attic. You can feed the fish tape where you have drilled for your camera.

Once the fish tape is extended enough, pull the fish tape from outside to thread the cable through the hole you drilled. Now, remove the fish tape by unwrapping it. Now your cable is ready to connect with your camera.

Step #4: DVR setup

After running the cable with a camera, it is time to route the wires to the DVR box. Take the fish take and power drill again. Now it is a complicated part. As you have pulled the wires from the camera, it is time to decide how to take all the cables from the camera to the place where the DVR is placed.

Mounting DVR is depending on you. You can place it on any table or other place or mount it by the hole it on back. As I said, after drilling the ceiling or walls from where your cables are routing, you need fish tape to pull cables through walls and ceilings. Then, follow the same process for all cables until all wires arrive at the designated place.

Step #5: Camera installation

Now things are getting a bit easier as the cable running part was done perfectly. The camera installation part takes a few minutes. Connect the cables to the camera first and feed the excess wire back into the cable. Wrap the connection with electric tape so that it won’t be unplugged by accident.

Now take the mounting screw and mount the camera in a decided place. After mounting the camera, you need to make a slight adjustment. For fine adjustment of camera view, go with the live setup. You can do a live setup after connecting everything.

Step #6: Connect everything

Once all the Wired Security Camera System cables are routed, it is time to connect them to DVR. Connect each cable to its port and external monitor, mouse, and keyboard to the DVR box. If you want to export video footage in the future, you can plug the USB drive into it.

Step #7: User interface setup

This step is solely depending on the system you own. However, the setup process is mostly similar for most brands. First, you have to create a password, setting up a date and time. You will also find video tutorials easily on how to do it.

Navigate to the settings and customize all the things you want to change, like 24*7 camera recording or motion recording only, video quality, and image quality settings. Once you are done with this, start and check the video feed to adjust your camera’s view. You can loosen up or tight the screw or rotate the camera to adjust the picture.

#4 Conclusion

It is all about how to set up Wired Security Camera System with wiring. I know at first it might find a bit hard, but you can do it. You can ask for help from your friend or professional person if you find Home Security Camera System installation hard. Even you can ask us if you have any doubts.


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