How to Install Wired Security Cameras?


How to Install Wired Security Cameras : When we talk about a home security system, the camera plays a vital role. If it is a wired security camera that you have decided to purchase then you should be mentally prepared that Installing Wireless Security Cameras involves a lot of steps and requires patience. Learning the installation process can be a tough job.

So, this guide of ours will give you detailed instructions on how to go about and connect your wired security camera properly so that it works the way it is expected to.


#1 Expert Tips to Install a Security Camera

After you have purchased the security camera, you should follow the tips mentioned below before you Install Wired Security Camera at Home:

• Before installing you should test the equipment. Operate the camera and ensure that it is functioning as expected. If possible, you can temporarily install it in the intended area with the help of tape and other temporary fixtures. This helps you to monitor and assess the feed.

• Never use any tools to install your camera that may damage its components. Also, don’t experiment with the camera setting without going through the manual.

• Be careful that you don’t end up damaging the casing, lens or any electrical components in the installation process.

• Remember cameras need to be cleaned and maintained occasionally. The lens of the outdoor cameras easily gets exposed prone to dirt or pollen. So, in the case of Outdoor Security Camera Installation don’t get it done in such a way that it would be impossible to maintain.

#2 How to Install a Wired Security Camera

There are two ways you can install the Best IP Security Camera System that comes with wires. If you are confident about the steps you can install it on your own or hire some professional service provider to get it installed. Most of the cameras nowadays like Night Owl Security Camera Installation that is wireless and easy to install does not require professional aid. The instruction manuals are given so clearly that you can easily get it done yourself with the help of proper tools and equipment.

#1 Self-Installation

1) Decide where you want to install the camera and at what angle.

2) To Install Wired Security Camera at Home you then decide at what height it will meet your surveillance needs. Installing at higher angles provides a wider range of surveillance hence you should place it at the tallest possible point.

3) Place the mounting bracket at the desired location on the wall and mark the screw holes with a pencil.

4) Then drill the holes on the marks made. Pre-drilling the holes helps you insert the screws into the wall without causing any damage.

5) Place the mounting bracket on the wall and align it with the screw holes made in the wall and insert the screws accordingly.

6) Finally, mount the camera into the bracket, insert the required batteries if any and plug it to the power source. Then you need to follow the directions given in the instruction manual to sync the camera with the receiver.

#2 Professional installation:

In case you are opting for professional installation, then you can avail of their professional installation service for security cameras. Their professional installer is trained to Install Security Camera in Two Story House. They are experts in concealing the video cables of the camera and the DVR unit. After installing the camera and connecting it to a local power socket they also assess the camera images to check the quality of the feed.

Finally, once it is done, they will guide you on how to use the new system. Remember, during this installation, they won’t repair the drywall if any damage is caused while cutting and running the cables through your walls.

This service is designed only for wired security camera systems mostly that have 60 feet of cabling. You can get free price estimates from them and book the kind of service that suits your needs the best.

#3 Things You need to Install Security Camera

Unlike any wireless device like a Light Bulb Security Camera or any simple Wi-Fi cam, you will need a number of tools for installing a wired security camera system. Some of these tools required are as follows:

• Ethernet cable
• For an analog system, you would require Baluns that converts analog to digital signal
• A power drill with spade bits, drive bits and few regular drill bits
• Steel fish tape
• Masking tape
• Screwdriver
• Ladder
• A monitor, mouse and keyboard

#4 Where should You Install a Security Camera?

Be it a 1080P PoE Security Camera that is powered by single Ethernet cable or any other wired security camera you can install them in various places at home like:

#1 Exterior

a) Front door – Most of us have an idea that intruders sneak into the house through side entrances, but statistics say that 34% of them use the front door. A camera at the main entrance keeps a track on people coming in and out of your home which can be either your inmates or outsiders. Video doorbells are a great choice for your front door.

b) Back and side doors – Doors that are unattended can be easily targeted by the visitor to enter the house. To keep things under control you should also add security cameras near your secondary doors, like your basement door especially if they are used more often than the front door.

c) Driveway and garage – To protect your car, bike, sports equipment, tools or grills from the evil eyes installing a camera in your driveway or garage is really important. If your garage is away from the main house then a camera helps in keeping an eye in that space. When you have a gate at the end of the driveway, installing a camera there can help you monitor the people who attempt to get in.

d) Yard – Monitoring the yard helps you capture every activity of your kids when they are playing outside, your animals while they stroll and definitely the trespassers.

An Best YI Outdoor Camera can be a smart option for any of your exterior needs.

#2 Interior

a) Common areas – Common area here indicates your living room or kitchen where you can keep a watch on your babysitter, household help like repairmen and cleaners. Your priority here should be rooms with large ground-floor windows so that you can see if anyone is trying to tamper with these break-in points. A Split Screen Baby Monitor Camera that comes in both wired and wireless options can be a good option in this case.

b) Main hallway or staircase – If you place a security camera in these areas you can be well assured that no one can move around undetected. Even if anyone enters through unmonitored areas like the bedroom or bathroom, they have to pass from these areas inside the house.

#5 Should the Camera be Visible?

When we Install Wired Security Camera at Home, one of our major concerns normally is whether the camera should be visible or hidden. It has been noticed that though visible security cameras work as an effective way of checking burglary they also act as targets for vandalism and theft. Hence, some house owners decide to install a fake camera and keep the actual camera hidden while others cover the actual camera with a heavy-duty casing so that it can’t be easily damaged.

#6 How to Connect Security a Camera?

Remember, the installation process of every security camera differs. The reason behind this is, the connection system for each type varies. But still, the general pattern to install a wired security camera is:

• Firstly, connect the input cable of your wired security camera to the DVR box. Then jot down which camera is connected to which input port for which you need to remember the input number. This helps you in selecting the camera you want to view, in case your monitor displays the feed of only one camera at a time.

• Next, connect the output port of the DVR to the monitor’s input slot.

• Carefully check that all the parts and cables of the security camera are securely connected to some power source.

#7 Conclusion

One of the most vital aspects that you should remember while installing your security system is the right planning. Once you have bought a wired security camera you need to plan well beforehand on how to go about. If you face any problem during the self-installation process and lack the confidence then you should definitely opt for professional help. Whichever method you use finally you should ensure that the device is working as expected and serving your purpose of ultimate security of your property and inmates.


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