How to Move a Gun Safe Safely?


It looks effortless to Move a Gun Safe only in thoughts. When you are going to move a biometric Gun safe or any other gun safe, there are many aspects that you have to take care of. It’s a terrible idea of moving a 1000lbs Gun safe if you don’t know the essential steps to follow. Don’t Worry; we bring you the guide to move your Gun Safe safely.

It is a very challenging and daunting task to move your Gun safe. And most important, it is dangerous. One mistake can cause you serious injuries. So, read this article before moving a Gun safe or any other safe to ensure your family and your house’s safety.


#1 Steps To Move Gun Safe Safely

There is a Security Guide to move stock-On Gun safe safely. You need to follow these steps to avoid any human injury and damage to your house. It is very critical to move Gun Safe safely. All you need to do is to read further to know-how.

#1 Know the weight and dimensions of Gun safe

It would help if you thought about the weight and dimensions of Gun safe before purchasing the same. You can easily find the information about the weight and dimensions of the product manual or packaging.

While moving a 1000lbs Gun safe, you need to take care of many things and require a minimum of 3 friends. In contrast, if you have a biometric gun safe, compact in size, you can quickly move it. Usually, good-quality gun safes are made from steel material, and they are quite heavy. So, the first thing to do this to determine the weight and size of your Gun safe.

#2 Decide the route you will take

Many people prefer to decide the way of moving after doing preparations. But it is highly advisable to determine first the route you will take to make the Gun Safe. When you are aware of the size of the Gun safe, you can measure the length and width of the route, and if anything that creates hindrance, you can place it aside.

So, by deciding the route, you can clear the room for moving Gun Safe. You also have to consider the weight of Gun safe. If it is massive and wants to move it to long-distance, you need to call for more help or decide some resting spots. If you haven’t chosen the route and need to change the plan while moving, it may be possible. So always prepare and clear the way of moving.

#3 Empty the Stock-on safe

Never take the risk of moving Stock-On Gun Safe. It is very dangerous. And you have to carry almost double weight due to the guns because guns are quite heavy. You also need to check whether any gun is loaded or not. You need to unload every Gun and keep them out of Gun safe and your moving path.

While removing guns from the Gun safe, you need to check for the safety lock of Gun. Make sure every Gun has safety lock on. If you unload the guns, you need to write the serial number or model number of guns on the box in which you put its magazine or bullets. So, it will be easy for you to reload guns and place them back in Gun safe after moving.

#4 Pack-up your guns

When you remove your guns from Gun Safe, don’t forget to pack these guns for temporary. If you left out guns on the floor, it might cause injury to anyone else. So, always pack up your guns after removing from the Gun safe. You should also turn on the GAS Leak Detector while moving the safe for extra security.

You can put these guns in a trunk or basket and place it away from children. You also have to organize the bullets so that they don’t mix up with other Gun’s bullets. You can try the next step only if you are sure that your children can’t touch them.

#5 Gather proper equipment

If any task, you need some special tools. Similarly, for moving a Stack-On Gun Safe, you need some specialized tools to move guns safely. Tools like A heavy-duty dolly (like a furniture dolly), thick gloves, security straps, truck to load on for long-distance and special equipment like stair climbing dolly or pallet jacks are essential-have.

You need high-quality and reliable tools for this kind of heavy-duty moves. So, never buy cheap tools. It will create a disaster. Before using such tools, you should check their strength. So, you can feel more confident while moving heavy Gun safe.

#6 Secure the safe

Gun safes are an expensive product. So, when you deal with them, you need to be subtle. Carefully tilt the gun safe on the one side and slide the dolly below the safe. You should wear thick hand gloves to protect your hands. Make sure about the safety of Gun safe while moving.

#7 Ask for help

Whether it is a gun Safe or Fireproof Safe for Cash & Documents, you can’t move it alone. You should call your friends or colleagues to help you with this task. Or you can also hire Safe Mover services to do this task. You need to have more than three people to move the Gun safe, and along this number will increase if you have a colossal Gun safe.

#8 Coordinate with other

As you have already decided on the route for moving the case, you need to share that plan. So, you can easily coordinate with others and perform this tedious task efficiently. If you don’t share your route with others, it may create disturbance and a moving problem. So, make sure you explain to your friends about your moving strategy and ask for their opinion to improvise the plan.

#9 Wear appropriate clothes for the move

With the proper equipment and tools, you need to dress appropriately. You should not wear long and tight clothes. Make share you and your helpers wear high-quality hand gloves and boots. You can also prefer to wear jeans or cargo pants and steel-toes shoes. It will help avoid any injury while moving a Gun safe or fireproof safe for Cash & documents.

#10 Moving the Safe

In the ending, you need to follow these steps carefully.

  • When the gun safe is secured with the dolly, tilt the dolly back on to its wheels so that the gun’s weight will be supported on wheels.
  • You need at least 2 to 3 helpers while moving the safe on the dolly.
  • When the safe is on the truck, tilt the dolly back into position and carefully easing it until Gun safe is resting on the trunk floor.
  • Lastly, remove the load straps and carefully slide the dolly out from under the Gun safe.

#3 Conclusion

Moving a 1000lbs Gun safe or biometric Gun safe is not a one-person task. You need at least 2 to 3 helpers. Follow the ten steps mentioned above as A Security Expert to move Gun safe. Don’t rush and plan everything before moving the safe. Comment below if you find these ten steps helpful and share your experience of moving a Gun Safe.


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