How To Train Your Dog To Guard Your House September 2021


Installing security systems like Wireless Security Camera can be an expensive affair, but if you already have the best burglary deterrent mode, your pet dog living under your roof, try training it to guard your house. Your dog may be of soft natured, but with the right training, your dog can be a good guard of your property.

It has been observed that most people are under the idea that a dog will naturally guard their house. It is true in the case of some dogs, but most of them have to be taught that strangers can be a threat. Some of the dog breeds are better at safeguarding than others. The size and aggression of a particular breed of the dog define how effectively it can guard your home.

How To Train Your Dog To Guard Your HouseHow To Train Your Dog To Guard Your House

#1 Tips to train your dog to guard your home

#1 Be careful while selecting a dog

Every house owner wants their dog to defend your house yet allow visitors and friends to get in without any problem. If you train your dog properly to be a watchdog, he will take care of your needs and not overdo it. Choosing the right breed of dog should take care of a lot of your problems.

Some breeds of dogs are highly defensive and are able to guard your home with very little training while some breeds don’t have this natural instinct of protecting your property and are thus difficult or impossible to train. Sometimes even that breeds that have a natural tendency to guard need little encouragement for better performance.

Training a dog to guard your house can at times be troublesome for both you and the dog. A dog that guards his house may have a natural tendency to bite almost anyone, even your neighbor whom he knows to be friendly. Here, though the dog would be doing his job, it would end up upsetting your neighbor and he may end up suing you.

To avoid such unnecessary hassles, you may even opt for Barking Dog Alarms. It is a wireless alarm that is designed to be placed at the main entrance of homes. The device comes with a motion detector which when activated makes alarm like sounds like that of a barking dog.

#2 Learning how to train a guard dog

A guard dog also known as a watchdog is practically trained to protect your property and your family. Training your regular dog to be a guard dog takes both time and patience.
A guard dog is one that is trained to alert its owner regarding the presence of any stranger or intruder by barking or growling.

Usually, guard dogs are not trained to act over aggressively towards a stranger or to attack on getting a command. A good guard dog is one that is protective of his owner and the property, yet remaining obedient to his owner’s commands.

Though you can train most dogs to be guard dogs, certain dog breeds are known to make good guard dogs. Normally, loyal dogs prove to be great guard dogs. The more loyal is your dog to you he will better defend and protect you. Smaller breeds like pugs, Chow-Chows and Shar Pei’s and larger breeds like German Shepherd, Doberman Pinschers and Akita prove to be excellent guard dogs.

A guard dog that is well-socialized can easily recognize and be suspicious of a stranger in his owner’s presence, but will not become overly aggressive towards the stranger or attack him.

#3 The type of person you are

Studies show that a dog’s personality reflects the personality of its owner. Also, you should remember that dogs experience personality changes over the course of time as they grow older and are depending on their lifestyle and experiences.

This indicates that you need to be a confident leader in order to keep your dog under control at the time. If your dog is not obedient, it may prove to be dangerous to train it to be a guard dog not only for you but also for others around you.
If you are active and outgoing your dog will behave similarly. Dogs that are seen to be anxious or aggressive have owners with negative personality traits.

#4 Begin the training process

The first thing to start with is to teach your dog basic obedience; it should respond to all your basic obedience commands like sit, lay down, come, don’t touch, stay, no, etc.

Then you need to make your dog socialize so that he or she is not afraid of fear new and unusual situations. Taking them for a walk is the best way to help them socialize.

Encourage your dog to bark on approaching strangers or on coming across someone who makes threatening gestures at you while out on the walk. Now the next time any stranger approaches your dog or makes such threatening gestures it will automatically start barking even before you command.

To be able to provide you with personal protection is one of the most important parts of training your dog to be a guard dog. He should learn to willingly protect you and must also leave the person when you ask it to. You can also get your dog acquainted with strangers through a Video Doorbell.

#5 Train Your Dog to the Sound of any Alarm

Once your dog has received vigorous training and undergone constant nudging behavior, it’s time to train them on how to alert the house owner on hearing a smoke or fire alarm. Here, you can take the help of an assistant who can trigger the alarm.

Initially, with the sound of the alarm, your dog will probably get distracted. But you should then try to focus his attention on you; if required, put some treat just under your neck to initiate the nudging.

During this training process, you need to make sure that your neck is easily accessible. After the second or third time, you should slowly stop the use of the food lure.

The ability to recognize a smoke or fire alarm and thereby successfully alert a sleeping person is a valuable skill for a dog. One day you will surely understand the potential value of this training effort; it could even be a lifesaver.

By installing a Pet Security Camera you can not only just see and hear it but also talk to your doggy and remotely play with it. Such pet-specific cameras alert you when your pet moves around and alerts you when they are barking or meowing.

#6 Train your dog to attack

A guard dog should be well-trained knowing when to bark and stop and when to attack a stranger or intruder. Normally a guard dog is not trained to aggressively attack a stranger. Here, are a few simple steps you need to follow to train your dog on how to attack:

Strengthen the bond between you and your dog – For this, you need to spend time and play with your dog as much as possible. This can help in strengthening a good connection between you two. Be patient and don’t get aggressive when your dog is up to some mischief.

Stay protected – In the process of training your dog on how to attack, you should take proper protection. Protection means covering your face and body with certain protective gears to avoid any injury in case it accidentally bites.

Teach your dog to respond to the “attack” command – Once your dog is used to the basic commands, teach it to start attacking on seeing strangers. This act can be risky hence your dog needs to recognize your voice tone. Once, it gets used to the command then eventually teach it to follow your stop command to avoid any dangerous situation.

Praise and reward your dog – When your dog gets habituated and starts following your commands without fail start treating him with some biscuits or cookies. Also, praise it for its obedience.

Use strangers to train your dog to defend you – In the process of training your dog on how to attack it is very vital to include a stranger in the process to protect yourself. Involves someone who is a complete stranger to the dog and make sure he puts on a dog attack suit. Confronting the stranger will help the dog gain confidence.

But remember, you definitely would not want every person to be attacked. So, in that case, you need to introduce the person to your dog with affection and request them not to be afraid or make any threatening gestures.

Get help from professional trainers – If you are not able to confidently train your dog in this aspect then you must take professional help and not take any risk.

#7 The five best guard dog breeds

The following are the five breeds you can pick from:

German shepherd – This breed turns out to be one of the first choices of most dog owners and trainers as they are bold, fearless and confident. Their extreme intelligence level helps them adapt to new commands easily.

Rottweiler – This breed is also referred to as the classic guard dog. They were originally called cattle-protecting dogs. Rottweilers are popular for their loyalty, intelligence and endurance.

Doberman pinscher – This breed is known as the 5th smartest breed of dog worldwide. This was one of the most common choices of the law enforcement agencies in most countries, which has now been replaced with German shepherds. These are extremely fast and responsive and can react in a very short time.

Bullmastiff – This breed is a cross between a bulldog and a mastiff and popular for its fearless nature. It is also known for its protection instincts, excellent physical strength and ultimate loyalty towards its owner. They mostly try and knock down the intruders who come near you or your house.

Boxer – These were initially bred to be medium-sized guard dogs. They look alarming and are really protective. They are playful and extremely loyal therefore they love to be a part of a family.

#8 Control

To have a dog that would follow your instructions, you must establish good control over it. But here you should remember, that there are various positive ways to accomplish this control. So, never try to establish control by harming your dog.

Be very consistent in your rules and rewards – Ensure that you are not the only person in the house who instructs your dog to follow the rules and reward it. If others don’t follow the same, your dog will get confused. So avoid giving your dog mixed signals.

Remember patience is the key to train your dog properly. It is easiest to train your dog in its early days. Try and use repetitive commands several times a day so that your dog gets used to them.

Be steady while praising and disapproving – While you praise your dog make your dog feel your dominance. Train it dog to obey you on the very first command. If you lose patience and control with your dog it is actually a sign of your weakness.

Let your dog know you are the boss – You need to take control of all aspects of the dog’s along with its feeding habits. Your dog should eat only when you release him to have a bite. Make it understand that he needs to earn his food.

Make the dog move out of your way several times in a day – Your dog must obey you and treat you like a parent and not as a sibling. Take control of your dag and stay calm, but yet prove your dominance. While walking, when you pass the dog, gently shuffle your feet until he gets up and moves out of the way.

Use eye contact to establish dominance over your dog – Dogs use eye contact to make out who has the control. All you need to do is just firmly look into the eyes of your dog when you give it a command. Never put yourself in a situation where your dog occupies a higher position than you and avoids your eyes.

Control your dog with training techniques – One easy way to Keep Control of Your Dog is to take the dog for long walks on a leash. You can also put it in a crate where the dog gets enough space to stand up and move around. Using a crate strengthens the training method and shows the dog you are in control.

You can also try using a small dog clicker for controlling your dog. The clicker is a small box made of plastic. You need to hold in your hand and press it to make a clicking sound when you want your dog to do something.

If you are a regular traveler, Pet Safes proves to be handy. If your pet is not allowed to travel in the cabin with you, you can use a Pet Safe to transport them to the nearby destination.


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