TOP 10 Security Devices Your Home Needs in September 2021


Considering the high crime rate today, security devices have gained huge popularity in today’s modern world. As a homeowner, apart from your valuables and the property, at home, you might have to need to take care of your kids, pets and even elderly people. This is where security devices can prove to be of great help in providing that required protection.

Using home security devices keeps your family safe from burglars, potential break-ins and even fire breakouts. There are several security devices that you might invest in depending on your need. In this article, we have discussed a few of them.

TOP 10 Security Devices Your Home Needs

#1 10 Security Devices Your Home Needs in September 2021

#1 Security Camera

Do you realize that your home needs constant monitoring? A Security Camera is such a device that can dramatically increase the security of your property and help protect your family.

It not only acts as a warning to the criminals but can also help identify the criminal. It is one of the best security devices that protects your premises and loved ones all the time by keeping an eye on the unwanted visitors strolling around your home.

There are different Types of Security Cameras that you will come across namely the box camera, dome camera, PTZ camera, bullet camera, IP Security Camera, POE Security Camera and a lot more.

#2 Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is an electronic gadget that automatically senses the presence of smoke and sends out a warning to the occupants of the house.

Smoke detectors have the potential to save lives. When installed properly and maintained the smoke detectors can practically reduce the number of fire injuries and deaths.

If there is an accidental fire in your home, it is the smoke that spreads really fast. When you have a smoke detector installed it will set out an alarm to warn you.

#3 Combination Lock

A combination lock is a type of lock where you need to set a sequence of symbols, which is normally in the form of numbers in order to open the lock.

The convenient keyless combination lock is observed to have a wide range of uses today, like for locking doors, suitcases, bicycles, motorcycles, computers, etc.

When you set a combination of numbers on this lock, it would be tough for the intruder to break open the lock and get access.

#4 Wireless Doorbell

A wireless doorbell system comprises a doorbell transmitter and a chime box receiver. The transmitter is fitted outside the house that sends a radio signal inside the house where the receiver is placed.

Wireless doorbells have brought in a big revolution on alerting the inmates when a visitor arrives at the doorstep. They add to the safety and security of your home. With its help, you can speak with the visitors through an intercom system without opening the door or facing them directly.

#5 Fireproof Safe

Fireproof safes are basically designed to protect your important documents against any fire-outbreak. The internal temperature of the safe is maintained below a critical temperature of 350 degrees at which paper begins to char and burn.

A fire safe helps in protecting your valuables from any kinds of heat damage or smoke caused by fire. The level of protection you can expect is determined by the type of fire safe you choose and its fire rating.

#6 Gun Safe

In most places, it is legal to own a gun for self-security. But being the owner of a firearm you should be responsible enough to keep it protected and safe from the hands of unintentional users.

A gun safe is designed to store firearms and ammunition for guns. It can be unlocked only with a key, a combination or other similar ways. Their primary intention is to prevent access to unauthorized persons.

At home, if children gain access to firearms it is highly risky which can even lead to death and injury amongst children. So, to avoid such dreadful incidents, safely store the firearm locked up, unloaded and out of reach in a gun safe.

#7 Self Defense Cane

Though relying on a cane has always been associated with the sign of aging, but today some seniors prefer to use canes as a tool of self-defense. Such self-defense canes can be made of either wood or aluminum.

They use the self-defense cane to fight with the attackers following a fighting technique popularly known as “cane fu.” These self-defense canes prove to be great self-defense weapons. Some come with flashlight, some with a knife and some even with paper spray. You can attack the person you consider as a threat with whichever means you are comfortable in.

#8 Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is an effective device used to control or put off small fires, during emergency situations.

There are 6 main types of fire extinguishers Class A extinguishers for carbon-based solid combustibles like paper, wood or textiles, Class B extinguishers for flammable liquids like paraffin, diesel or petrol, Class C extinguishers for flammable gases, like propane, butane or methane, Class D for burning metals like aluminum, magnesium or lithium, Class F for fats and cooking oils and the last one is indicated by an electric spark symbol and not any alphabet for fires caused by electrical equipment.

There are also multipurpose extinguishers available that can be used on different types of fires and are labeled with more than one class, like A-B, B-C or A-B-C, etc.

#9 Door Security Bar

Door security bars also known as door jammers are devices that support the doorknob and anchors to the floor. These door security bars offer superior security over normal locks and other door security devices.

These are heavy-duty bars that prevent forced entry on hinged, patio and sliding doors. It is intended for indoor use. Being portable and compact makes it easy to store and take along while traveling thus providing greater security in hotels or on vacation houses.

#10 Outdoor Privacy Screen

Outdoor screens are not only installed to improve the décor of the area but they can add ultimate privacy and shade to your swimming pool area, backyard, garden or rooftop. While selecting an outdoor privacy screen it is essential to consider factors like durability, degree of privacy and maintenance required.

The outdoor privacy screen is designed for diving outdoor areas and it saves you from the inquisitive eyes of your neighbors or outsiders. It allows you to enjoy ultimate privacy.

Outdoor privacy screens are normally made of wood, bamboo, metal or plastic, glass. By installing them you can maintain the security of the house and protect it from various criminal acts such as robbery, theft, etc.

#2 Conclusion

Most people are under the impression that security devices are just nothing but an additional expense for their household. But this is nothing but a misconception. You need to understand how vital a security system is for your home. If you look around there are many cheaper yet reliable brands of security devices available today.


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